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Hello All,

I have formatted this news letter differently this week, placing actions that are requesting your help at the top, news items after that.  Please take a few minutes and endorse or sign these letters and petitions.  Thank you so much.

1) Actions - Your Signature Requested


2) CPUC Email Special - Doo Doo Hits the Fan Between a Totally Corrupt CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey, Edison and PG@E as Evidenced in Email
3) Smart Meters, Show Their Supreme Lack of Intelligence
5) Cell Towers Losing Powers
6) Other EMF Nightmares
7) Big Brother Meets Other EMF Nightmares
8) Other EMF
9) Geoengineering - The Myth Those Tinfoil Hat People Keep Spreading
10) Water Worries
11) Chemical Mess 
12) Etc.


Please take the below actions.  We need to start showing strength in numbers, so every endorsement or signature helps!!   Thank you!!   :)

Dr. Lennart Hardell has posted our new Joint Statement regarding funding bias and RF review within WHO/IARC to be presented along with the petition to make RF Class 1 carcinogen:
  • Please endorse the joint statement if you agree with it and are a doctor, scientist or group.  Then please sign petition if you haven't already.
  • Please just sign the petition if you are an individual. 
When signing joint statement, please just send me your information (name, website, or credentials if a doctor or scientist, contact info, etc. as I am collecting the signatures while Selisha's computer access is limited and will add them to the list on the joint statement...

I am unable to send out attachments in this news letter, so below is a summary of Eileen O'Conner's statement.  You can read the whole thing if you email her.  She is unable to post it as a link right now as the letter has not yet been sent so I can't send it out as a link.  It's an excellent letter though.

From Eileen:

"Can you please sign on to this ground-breaking letter the UK's Radiation Research Trust to Richard Adams (UK) who led the fight as a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC ) to get EHS (ES) declared psychosomatic in the European Commission. The Radiation Research Trust is sending this out on Monday, Feb 16. The letter of notice highlights research and conflicts of interest that has been presented to Mr Adams and is gathering support from throughout the globe and will hold Richard Adams accountable for his actions if he continues to drive the smart meter programme throughout Europe as he will not be able to claim that he 'didn't know' in a court of law in the future as this historic letter will hold him accountable."

Please contact eileen@radiationresearch.org ASAP if you wish to sign the letter.


From Deborah Cooney (Celeste):

I have filed an appeal from a self-contradictory and void judgment, one which at once finds no jurisdiction and then proceeds to exercise jurisdiction.  The (very corrupt) district court certified that the appeal is not taken in good faith.  Because I qualify for a fee waiver, the appeal must be taken in good faith.  I filed the attached motion to address this.


People can help by writing, calling, and/or emailing the court to encourage them to hear this appeal.  The case must be heard because it presents issues of great public import.  Here is a sample of what can be said:


"I am writing (calling) regarding Cooney v. SDG&E, case #14-17564.  The Plaintiff is seeking an injunction against the Smart Grid because of corruption and due process violations which have caused and are causing serious injury to millions of citizens.


Here is some contact info for the 9th Circuit:
There is a link for the Public Information Office: comments@ce9.uscourts.gov

The Clerk of the Court is Molly Dwyer. 

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
P. O. Box 193939
San Francisco, CA 94119-3939
(415) 355-8000


I have been emailing with this doctor and I believe she is on the up and up.  She is conducting a study on electrosensitivity, looking for bio markers, etc...one of the only studies I have ever come across on the US.  Feel free to do due diligence before participating.

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, of UC San Diego

From Deborah Kopald...
ConEd wants to roll out California-style smart meters in its utility district- this includes NYC & Westchester and probably O+R which is owned by ConEd.


If you know someone with sensitivity to RF, tell them they can file with the Division of Human Rights and state that the proposal is illegal and a violation of the ADA and the NYC Human Rights Law (for NYC places to be accessed) because they literally wouldn't be able to get accommodation once the smart meter is on office buildings, doctors' offices, health food store, etc.  (It's not like people can call ahead and say to ConEd- hey shut off the meter- I have to go inside XYZ place today...) 

People with ANY medical condition can file in NYC b/c they are covered by NYC Human Rights Law (get doctor's note based on this summer's press conf. with  Grassroots Environmental Education et al.- pregnant women should avoid RF; and AAEM: people with any medical condition should avoid RF)




Also from Deborah...


Anyone looking to fly on US Commercial Carriers to get from point A to Point B should


1) ask for a plane without Wi-Fi
2) entry at the airport- and a check-in procedure that takes the person to a non wi-fi'ed area  (supposedly British Airways has done this)
3) possible partitioning of aircraft for phone use in one section (a la smoking and non-smoking sections)


If you are denied accommodation, fill out the US Department of Transportation Civil Rights Complaint form here:



print and mail to:


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 
Office of Civil Rights 
Attention: Complaint Team 
East Building, 5th Floor - TCR 
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE 
Washington, DC 20590


Until people start to demand this accommodation en masse, airlines will not take it seriously in this country.


A friend of mine in West Los Angeles may be renting his apartment out.  He asked me to send this out.   

Newly Renovated Completely RF Radiation Shielded Large 2 bedroom/ 2 Bath Apartment Available for Rent in West Los Angeles near Santa Monica and Sepulveda blvd.  Walls and Ceiling painted with Y-Shield Paint, Windows Covered in Clear RF Shielding Film with Aluminum Screens on all windows to maximize RF protection.  RF Shielding Foil under carpets throughout entire apartment.  Every aspect of apartment was shielded in close consultation with Larry Gust Environmental Engineer. Ideal for Electrosensitive individual.  Very convenient to Large Park, Restaurants, Shopping, Gym, Freeway.  Rent $2300/month; apt comfortable for 1 or 2 people.  I will let you test out apt before moving in.   Contact Nick if you are interested.

2) CPUC Email Special - Doo Doo Hits the Fan Between a Totally Corrupt CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey, Edison and PG@E as Evidenced in Email

From the private emails to PG@E that are now being excavated per San Bruno gas explosion lawsuit.  This admission from Chairman Peevey turns all the hearings held on this issue upside down...it was all an act...
Email Evidence...
Email Evidence...
Email Evidence...

3) Smart Meters Show Their Supreme Lack of Intelligence

Audio...from Speak Up and Stay Alive...
From "Whole New Mom"...
How to insure those pesky analog opt outs get turned into RF capable smart-ish meters after all?...
Energy company not making enough off of you because you have cut back your energy usage like a good little rate payer?  No worries!! They will just fine you for using too little energy!  It's win/win don't you see?...


Here are more specifics on the France Ban...

5) Cell Towers Losing Powers

Around 28 minutes into this "Person of Interest" TV program the plot reveals telecom execs planning the murder of someone in their comany who was going to reveal that cell towers can cause cancer!TV Show Plot, New 5G Cell Towers Cause Cancer

This article was about our Topanga fund raiser to block the cell tower.  All in all, by the end, there was closer to 100 people total as opposed to 30...
Although this took place in Topanga, I did not send anyone on my local email list notification because the opposing POV was denied equal time to make a presentation.  I felt it was going to be a dog and pony show for the industry wanting to put their cell towers here which is exactly what it was.  However, the people who did show up, many of them actually changed their mind upon hearing what I and others  who opposed the tower said...

Although this helps detect breast cancer, we all know that RF also can cause breast cancer...

10) Water Worries Meets Frack Off!
Who Cares About Frogs?

11) Chemical Mess

Vid...incredible footage of what mercury poison can do to people and animals...
The Japanese Town that was Poisoned

US Media Black Out - Italian Courts Rule, Vaccines Cause Autism

Plastic Chemicals Linked to Earlier Menopause

How Politics Beat Science on Chemical Research

12) Etc.

Vid...This is from RT News.  I tried getting a better copy of it but it is not coming up on their website.  It is possible this report has been blocked by the US since it is so incredibly damning if true.  This is a video copy of the news report...
Vid...this child was given a camera by BBC to record his life as an orphaned child by a drone.  He was targeted as a terrorist even though he was not one...
Vid - fascinating, disgusting, thorough and dark...

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, Info Wars, RT News, EMF Safety Network, Sky Vision Solutions, Electric Sense, Prof. Olle Johansson, Agnes Ingvarsd�ttir, Maureen Homan, Marilynne Martin, Dave Ashton, Leah Spitzer, Ragnheiour Jonsdottir, Patricia Burke, Robert Riedlinger, Eric Windheim, Diana Luppi, David Lonier, Jenny Miller, Suzanne Short, Sue Brinchman, Marilynne Martin, Laddie Lawdings, Larry Brownstein, Deborah Wiseman


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