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Hello All, Happy Sunday! 


Canada's former Minister of National Defence, Paul Hellyer in 2008:

It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars   

allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects which both congress and the commander in chief know nothing about(2) 

From this week...
People Getting Wise to the Smart Grid
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Towers RAPIDLY Losing Power
Other EMF Nightmares
Radiation Nation
Weather Wars (Against Us)
"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Fighting Back Against Corpornment!
Food Glorious Food!
Cancer Shmancer
Other Disasters and 1 Good Thing
Simply Fascinating


People Getting Wise to the Smart Grid

Naperville, Illinois Files Suit Against Smart Grid Vendor

Congratulations and I'm sorry to Illinois...
Illinois Residents to PAY DEARLY for the Right to Retain Their Health and Privacy

Take Back Your Power, Smart Meter Film Ties First Place Transformational Film of The Year!!

Electric Meter Blamed for Apartment Fire

Victorian Government (Australia) to Audit Health and Safety of Smart Meters

Energy Giants Call for Review of Smart Meter Roll Out to Save Consumers 1.8 Billion Pounds

Concern Grows Over Possiblity Of A Massive Power Surge

Smells like the stupid smart grid...
Garage Doors Stop Working On An Entire Missouri Block

Net Metering Wars - Looks Like It's Becoming Curtains for the Old Utility Modality...Couldn't Happen Fast Enough

Update on Israeli WIFI Lawsuit (in English) from Daphna Tachover

One American City Enjoys Hyper Fast Internet Speed...Any Surprise Corporations Don't Control It?

Cell Towers RAPIDLY Losing Power

What happens in Canada must not stay in Canada!!!  This is a victory and a large crack in the dam of EMF harm denial...

Ottawa Moves to Close Cell Phone Tower Loophole

City of Guelph Calls for Moratorium on Towers/Antennas Until Safety Code 6 is Revised

Cell Phone Tower Collapses, Kills 3

This is an old Dr. Mercola article but still very relevant today...
The Cell Phone "Tower of Doom"

Other EMF Nightmares

Google Patent Seeks to Transmit Your Cell Phone Videos to Law enforcment

Pylon and Radiation Review Omits Key Studies

US May Mandate "Talking Cars" By Early 2017

EU Police Group Consider Remote Stopping Cars

Frank Clegg, Former President Microsoft, Now Canada's Most Prominent Anti Wireless Advocate Due to the Health Risks
Invisible Threat

Scientific Conference on Electrosensitivity and the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Is Radioactive Hydrogen in Drinking Water A Cancer Threat?

More Scariness from Fukushima

Somehow This Is Not So Comforting...
Hidden Fallout Shelters

Weather Wars (Against Us)

This frightening video of what is actually in all those chemtrails that are floating across the US and world every day, contain dessicated human red blood cells and other goodies that can bond with other chemicals in the artificial "weather" to create living organism/plague scenarios...
US Proposes Worldwide Cooperation with Weather

Bird Drones Transmits Information on This Process (Last part of vid)...
Artificial Snow Confirmed by Insider and Explained

What's In Bejing Smog? 1,300 Microbe Species, Study Finds

"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Written by a retired Judge with nothing to lose..."Everything they have been doing is one gigantic fraud and all of it at our expense!"
The Great American Adventure, Secrets of America, by Judge Dale

The Ministry of Poison

Bank Runs Imminent?  HSBC Restricts Large Cash Withdrawals

Illusion of Choice by George Carlin, Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano

Filmmaker Targeted In Politically Motivated Campaign to Silence Obama Critics

Kenyans Evicted From Forest, Officials Deny Burning Homes

Fish and Wildlife Officials Repeatedly Committed Scientific Misconduct

Fighting Back Against Corpornment!

The Day We Fight Back

Jesse Ventura Goes Off Grid to Avoid Drone Surveillance

Jess Ventura's Show Off the Grid

Although much of what she says here would bring total chaos, she does make some extremely valid points and is worth watching just to be reminded that we are NOT slaves to a corrupt government...
From Jessie Outlaw

Brazilian Protestors Seize Station After Fare Hike

Courage and Transparency - Why Snowden and Manning Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Food Glorious Food!

How Monsanto Will Monetize Climate Change

You can expect a "non label" label from this group.  The article also says in the FDA regulation, will PROHIBIT states from taking their own labeling actions if they are not satisfied with whatever Monsanto and the GMA Come Up With...
Food Industry to Label GMOs on THEIR Terms

"...in Singapore, companies can be fined up to $450,000 or jailed for using azodiacarbonamide in food products."  TOTALLY LEGAL IN THE US AND CANADA!
Subway Sandwich Bread Contains Same Ingredient Used in Yoga Mats and Soles of Shoe

Other Disasters and 1 good thing

Can Energy Efficient Buildings Make You Sick?

Bees Dying By the Millions As Colony Collapse Disorder Accelerates

Contaminants Have Variety of Effects on Arctic Babies IQs

Sao Paulo Water To Run Dry in 45 days

Environmental Groups Denounce Arrests of Ecologists Near Olympic Sites

Record Levels of Banned Insecticide Found in Otters Livers in Illinois

Incredible...will lose 2 billion in sales on this, but doing it to focus on HEALTH!!!
CVS To Stops Selling All Tobacco Products!

Simply Fascinating

This Is A Series of Auto Play Wildlife Shorts, Filmed With A Disguised Camera

I would like to apologize if last week I unintentionally offended anyone by sending out a video by Farrakhan, whom I did not know may be racist. I do not always know details on the backgrounds of those who's videos and articles I send out in this news letter.  I only read or listen to what they have to say (sometimes not even all of it) and then share it with you if it is germane to, and furthers the messages of the issues raised in this news letter.  I appreciate your feedback and do make an effort to be responsible in my promotion of people and articles.

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