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July 21, 2017 - In This Issue:
     Season of Pentecost /Ordinary Time                           
Friday Message

Good afternoon, Erin Mills..... on this very strange day- where it does not know what to do- rain or throw some other surprise this way. This Sunday we are continuing with the family drama of the Jacob story. 

Seems he is in more hot water this time- abandoned in the desert, alone, list, unsure if he even has a tomorrow.

He sees in a dream that God is with him. 

Sometimes, the old, old story gets repetitive- like we have heard this all before.
Yes, God is with us, yes we are the ones who mess up, yes God forgives and brings us back to the path we are meant to be on. But figuring out that path is the struggle. 
Our main reading for this Sunday is from Genesis 28: 10- 19. It is the famous dream story, where Jacob sees a great ladder going up between heaven and earth, with heavenly messengers climbing it.


The older testament stories seem so sensational and even unbelievable.
But if you stick with Jacob, you see that it's the oldest story in time.

  • It is a story of trust versus fear.
  • It is a story of fidelity versus chaos... and it is an invitation to once again rest our anxiety in God.
I invite you to read this story ahead of time. It is a very, very human one- and one of invitation by the God who actually never leaves or forsakes us.
As we journey through summer, you may catch the days growing shorter- which "puts the fear of god" into me- but "all things are well, and shall be well." 

I get ready to take my leave of you.

You get ready for a brand new chapter in your faith journey. Indeed, all is well.

May this story of Jacob fill you with hope and peace.

Rev Jackie: Supply Minister  

This Week at EMUC

Sunday at 10:00 am:  Worship led by Rev Jackie
                                     Sermon:  "All is not Lost"
                                     Scripture Reading:  Genesis 28: 10 - 19
                                    Gospel Reading:  Matthew 13: 24 - 30

                                    Guest musicians: Joe and John Amato
                                                                  (saxophone and vocals)

Wednesday at  6:45 pm:  Prayers and Communion

Sunday July 30 at 10:00 am: Worship and Communion
Upcoming Events

We are continuing with FUNDSCRIP, an innovative fundraising program that asks you to purchase gift cards in order to pay for regular items you buy every month.  A percentage of the cards we purchase through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church.   Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month. The next order date is Sunday, August 27th.   Please see the display board at the back of the church or speak to Joanne Hines if you have any questions about the program.

We will welcome Rev. Kathi Phillips for her first service with us on Sunday, September 10.  Kathi will start in the office on Tuesday September 5.  As was specified in the JNAC report, an orientation committee is in place to support Kathi as she joins EMUC in the fall.  The committee members are Kathy Andres, David Leeder, Georganne Vickery and Cathy Scattergood.  Please watch for further announcements as we move through another phase in this exciting journey at Erin Mills United.

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