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The year continues to move on incredibly quickly ... the AFL/NRL seasons have commenced, clocks have been adjusted as the days begin to shorten , we continue our search for the best & most interesting content for Engage ...

This month our subjects include Staff Recruitment interviews, Back Pain, Hip Fractures, LGBTI community awareness, Osteoporosis, Medications, Research invitations, Carbon Management, Being successful 

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Wayne Woff - Manager, Total Aged Services

It takes a village: The country town that's pushing inclusiveness for people with disabilities
Whilst the article is a few months old & not specifically about aged care, it’s a great article about community inclusiveness, moving beyond the rhetoric & making a difference to people's lives …  Read more  
Please God, Let Them Stop Asking "What's Your Greatest Weakness?"
A great piece written as a discussion between two professionals about the merits of the employment interview question: "What's your greatest weakness?" Before reading the article, what's your opinion? Pro or con, in or out, revealing or redundant? A thought provoking article  … Read more
Featured Event: Dementia + Community Care Conference 2017
The D+CC Conference is for CEOs, Managers, Senior Clinicians, Health Care Professionals, Educators & other interested professionals working with people with dementia in Community Care settings. The event features a diverse range of plenary sessions as well as an extensive trade exhibition.
Attendance = 12 CPD hours under the AHPRA requirements for health professionals 

Breaking bad: how to prevent and treat osteoporosis
Margaret  knew something was wrong when she drove over a speed bump and felt her back seize up, suddenly and painfully. Osteoporosis rarely causes symptoms until a minor fall or sudden impact makes a bone break.  This article explores the current thinking/research on presentation & treatment. ... Read more
How to Get Patients to Take More Control of Their Medical Decisions
 " ...researchers and health-care providers say they’re at last figuring out how to untie this doctor-knows-best knot and get patients to take charge of their own health. They’re designing decision aids, for instance, that walk patients through different options, translating complicated medical jargon and statistics about risk into simple language …" Read more
"The Big Deal"

Without getting too political, we wanted to share this short video clip, The Big Deal, produced for the SYDNEY Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this year. It aims to promote marriage equality and remind Australians that being gay shouldn’t be a big deal. Maybe we need something just as well produced to enhance the community discussion around aged care, death & dying ...
Research in the Sector ... get involved

Benchmarking Energy Management Scheme in Australia: for FM, Maintenance, Property professionals working in Aged Care - Click here to participate in the research project

Residential Medication Management Reviews for people with a dementia diagnosis: Is this service effectively utilised?  - Click here for more information & to participate
And Finally ...

Back Pain
 - "Back pain should be recognised as an important co-morbidity that is likely to impact people's longevity and quality of life …" Read more  

Medications & the Elderly - Older women taking statins face higher risk of diabetes ... Read more 

For FM Professionals - Carbon positive roadmap will pave the way for climate action Read more

"Hip Fracture's Link to Early Death May Last Years"... Read more

Convenience stores offer support for the elderly in Japan ... Read more

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful ... Read more

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