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Since our last edition, we have presented our Aged Care Nurse Managers, Dementia + Community Care and Facilities Management in Aged Care Conferences at the Caulfield Racecourse on May 10 & 11 2017. A huge thank you to all our delegates, presenters, sponsors (Gerflor  & RBA Group) & exhibitors for their involvement in the event.  

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Wayne Woff - Manager, Total Aged Services 

10 Communication (Secrets) Traits of Great Leaders
“No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator”… I changed the original article heading because they are not secrets, we all ‘know’ them but most importantly do we put them into practice? …  Read more  
Complaints Management - how important is trust?
Steve Aivaliotis from Proactive Complaints Management has written a terrific summary on Complaints Management – purpose, structures, key features/considerations, factors for success, the issue of trust … not a new topic but still of vital importance for all aged care services/managers/staff … Read more
Featured Organisation:  Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA)
The Australian aged care industry is a rapidly growing and changing sector, with ACIA believing in the value of good advice and education, to support members in their journey. ACIA’s view is for aged care to be seen as an economic driver, with ACIA’s work encouraging an innovative environment, supporting high standards and long-term viability for the aged care industry as a whole. We are accepting membership applications from businesses who wish to innovate the aged care space... our memberships include boardroom lunches and networking events. Let's hear from you.

Outsourcing Food Services – What Should Be in the Contract?
Clauses on nutritional performance expectations are noticeable by their absence from the various Contracts of Engagement for outsourced Food Services suppliers. This article from Yvonne Coleman of Nutrition Consultants Australia addresses the question: “What are some key nutritional clauses that should be included in an outsourced Food Services Contract?”  ... Read more
Older Australia at a glance
In 2016, approximately 3.7 million people (15% of Australia’s total projected population of 24.3 million) are older Australians. Older Australians are a diverse group, with different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds and different life experiences and lifestyles. These factors all influence the ageing process. This new release provides insights into this group of older Australians: who they are, how they are changing, how healthy they are and the services they are using. ... Read more
Cohousing communities help prevent social isolation for the elderly

Groups in Denmark and the US are choosing to live in intentionally intergenerational communities, which emerged to strengthen social ties between ageing seniors and their younger counterparts who are balancing work and family. People living in them say the model fosters an interdependent environment and helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process of getting older ...
Epilepsy - older people and their knowledge of the condition

Epilepsy is a common neurological disease with a high prevalence in people aged 65 years or older. Therefore, an understanding of the disease is important. The objective of this article was to determine older people’s knowledge of epilepsy & how this can be improved. … Read more
New cancer guidelines eyed after study suggests drugs less effective in elderly patients ...  Read more  

After Knee or Hip Replacement, No Place Like Home ... Read more 

Drug-resistant bacteria greatly affects nursing home residents  Read more

Seniors Often Have Trouble Managing Money, Medicines ... Read more

Silver Linings: Program shows promise by keeping frail elders independent ...  Read more

Booklet: Travelling and holidays with dementia produced by Alzheimer's Australia ...  Read more

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Dementia + Recreation National Conference
16th & 17th August , 2017 
For all detais:
July 28-30
Better Boards Conference, Brisbane - click here for details
September 6-8
Australian Palliative Care Conference, Adelaide - click here for details
November 8-10
50th AAG Conference “Ageing: the Golden Opportunity”, Perth - click here for details
November 15-18
26th National Conference on Incontinence, Sydney - click here for details
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