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Friday,  January 4, 2013                       For Immediate Release


Urban League of Greater New Orleans


McConduit selected by the ULGNO Board of Directors to lead the formidable organization




NEW ORLEANS - Dorothy "Dottie" Reese announces that after five years of service to the Urban League of Greater New Orleans, Nolan V. Rollins has been selected to assume leadership of the Los Angeles affiliate of the National Urban League.

"Over the past five years we have watched our Urban League affiliate grow in its community impact and relevance," said Reese. "We are excited about the foundation that has been laid and confident that proper leveraging will ensure that the Urban League of Greater New Orleans' greatest days lie ahead."

Erika McConduit, a lawyer and college professor, will take on the leadership of

Erika McConduit
Erika McConduit-Diggs, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer

the Urban League of Greater New Orleans as the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, while the Board of Directors develops its search protocols.  McConduit has led the daily operations of ULGNO and has co-led the policy, programmatic and development strategies of the agency.

"Erika's intimate knowledge of the Urban League's operations locally and the terms of affiliation and mission nationally make her the logical choice to take over the agency during this critical time in the Urban League's transition," said Reese.

The Urban League of Greater New Orleans at present is serving over 800 businesses annually, 200 high school students ensuring they are accepted and college ready, hundreds of individuals with workforce development needs, and supports thousands of families with school-aged children navigate the new systems of schools.  The League is also assessing and training small businesses in the gulf region on disaster preparedness, and analyzing the economic inclusion of local and minority businesses on the school facilities rebuilding projects. ULGNO also recently completed the building of a multi-million dollar Head Start facility in the 9th ward. 

"Continuity for this trusted institution is necessary for clients, community and partners; Erika is uniquely qualified to ensure our continued growth and impact as a movement," said Nolan V. Rollins. 

 McConduit will co-lead ULGNO with Rollins during the transition period and take full leadership of the institution in February 2013.  



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