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Types of Food - Vocabulary
Nearly everything we eat comes from plants, animals, birds, fish and other sea creatures like  shellfish . We can eat the  edible  parts of many plants like  roots  and leaves as well as things plants produce like fruits and  seeds . We can also eat various parts of animals as well as things animals produce like milk. In many parts of the world people also eat  insects  and things they produce like  honey ...

Which grows underground?

a) a coconut
b) a cabbage
c) a carrot

Answer at end

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Merriam-Webster, a prominent US _______, has selected “feminism” as its Word of the Year for 2017. Dictionary searches for the word “feminism” are up by 70% this year _______ to Merriam-Webster. This year’s women’s _______ and harassment claims...

Teachers Room
Taking In

by Ruth Ticktin

I was close to finishing up the speaking part of the pre-test for the new students in my adult English as a Second Language Class. The next student to speak with me was Kopila, a young woman I recognized from last semester. She was in the classroom across the hall but we were together in a writer’s workshop. There were always smiles from her. I could tell from her accent that she was South Asian, but from her features she could have been South American or North African. After she began talking, I remembered reading that Nepal was her country of origin. I briefly thought of my father who had so wanted to go to Nepal, for reasons that I never quite knew or understood. Now, wasn’t the time to wonder, it was time for me to focus on my student.

The speaking test we use, begins with a choice of questions that students had looked at the day before and written some notes on, to prepare. Kopila had chosen to talk about “a person who was special to her”... [ read on ]

Answer to WORD UP Quick Quiz:

c) a carrot

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