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OWS 2017!  
Hello ETA Coach Athletes and Friends,  
It's that time of year again!  The ETA Coach Open Water Swims and Open Water Swim Clinics are less than 3 weeks away.  The camp has made a few changes in the layout of the docks and we have a lot more activities planned during the swims, so be prepared for another great Open Water Swim season!  Below you will find all the information you need to know about our Open Water Swims and Open Water Swim Clinics.  

You will also find two articles in our newsletter regarding your swim training approaches. The first article looks at overcoming anxiety in the open water.  The second article looks at swimming drills.

Don't forget to follow the ETA Coach Open Water Swim Facebook page for all updates regarding both the Open Water Swims and Open Water Swim Clinics.  We do not update our website as frequently as the Facebook page. 

As always, ETA Coach is here to help you in your pursuit of optimal performance in endurance athletics, whether that be finishing your first 5k or qualifying for the Olympic Trials.  Don't hesitate to contact us!
Think Critically, Question Often, and Train Smart! 
Coach Jason Kilderry
2017 ETA Coach Open Water Swim Passes

2017 ETA Coach Open Water Swim Passes 
    The  ETA Coach Open Water Swim passes will be on sale until April 30th.  After April 30th, passes will no longer be on sale. But don't worry-you can still show up to the lake and pay for a 1-day pass for $15.00.  You can grab your passes here!

What's the Difference between the Open Water Swims and Open Water Swim Clinics?
You DO NOT have to sign up for the Open Water Swims. 

Swimmers can pay for a 1-day pass on arrival or sign up for a pass online as mentioned above. Open Water Swimmers can arrive at any time and swim for as long as they want during the 3-5 hour window when we have the lake reserved. Pricing is discussed above.

You DO have to sign up for the Open Water Swim Clinics.

The Open Water Swim Clinics and the Open Water Swims will be occurring simultaneously. You don't have to take the swim clinics to do the open water swim, and the swim clinics will not interfere with the open water swim. All swim clinic information is below.

2017 ETA Coach Open Water Swim Clinics

The ETA Coach Open Water Swim Clinics are designed to help beginner to advanced swimmers become more comfortable in the open water. We do this by practicing skills which will help each swimmer offset anxiety and navigate swim courses more effectively, resulting in safer and faster open water swimming!

Skills that will be demonstrated and taught include:

* Dealing with anxiety
* Triathlon swim starts
* Sighting techniques
* Swimming in a straight line
* Breathing techniques
* Swimming with a crowd
* Drafting techniques
* Swimming around buoys effectively
* Triathlon swim exits
* Swimming in a wetsuit
* Fast wetsuit removal

You can grab your passes here

Overcoming Anxiety in the Open Water 

I will never forget one of the first swimmers who showed up to an ETA Coach Open Water Swim in 2013.  He stood by the water's edge for what seemed like 30 minutes.  He walked knee deep into the water and just stood there.  Finally, I convinced him to get into the water so I could observe his stroke.  I quickly realized that he was one of the worst swimmers I have ever encountered  with very little swim fitness!  However, I was still very impressed that he showed up to the lake.  After chatting with him, I learned that he had a race  in 6 weeks
 and had only been in the pool a handful of times. I told him to meet me at the pool and we worked on building his fitness in the water.  Once we improved his fitness, we moved on to technique.   

The next time he came to the lake, he was a bit more comfortable in the water. Although he barely put his face in the water, it was progress.  The next few weeks he came to each open water swim, and he swam a little farther each time.  It took him 4-5 sessions to swim to the first buoy, only 20 meters from the shore, but, again, progress.  His consistency in the pool and perseverance in the lake each week slowly diminished his anxiety until he was swimming half of a mile on his own.  The following year, at our second season at the lake, he was the first person to jump in and swam 1 mile straight.  The moral of the story is that there is no magic potion to cure anxiety; you need to get in the water and open water as often as possible to become a better and less anxious open water swimmer. 

ETA Coach Lake Placid Training Camp
June 23, 2017 - June 26, 2017

Each year we have such a successful, meaningful, and fun time at our Annual ETA Coach Lake Placid Training Camp that we needed to get 2017 on paper as soon as possible so people could start to register.  We have once again rented two houses for this camp because of the inquiries for 2017!  Check out all the details below and grab your spot soon, because a quarter of the spots are already taken!   

Swimming Drills?

To incorporate drills into our swim training, or not to incorporate drills into our swim training-that is the question. Humans are not meant to swim, plain and simple. Some do it very well and others don't. So what do we do when we want to get better at something? We do it more often! For most triathletes, the swim is their weakest sport and the scariest event. It's the most technical of the three disciplines in terms of technique, so we would think that in addition to swimming more, doing swim technique drills would improve our swimming ability drastically. There is some truth to this; the more uncomfortable you are in the water, the more drills will benefit you initially. But once your fitness and comfort level grows, spending countless sessions in the pool each week with a strict swimming drill focus won't have a huge return on investment, especially if you are a typical triathlete who can only swim 2-3 times per week. If you have the time to get in the pool 6+ times a week, then drills will indeed play a bigger role in your improvement, because you can simultaneously focus on other important factors of swim improvement like fitness! What we often forget is that we need to build our fitness up by swimming longer, faster, and more frequently. This will not only help with comfort in the water, but it will make us faster and able to do drills more efficiently, so they carry over better into stroke mechanics. I would much rather you swim 4-7 times a week for 20 minutes than 3 times a week for 1 hour at a time. Research has shown time and time again that increasing the frequency of an activity versus volume and in some cases intensity causes motor skills to be developed more quickly and maintained longer. Everyone is different and will respond differently to various training approaches, but this basic principle of frequency (a.k.a. getting in the pool more) is ideal for most athletes.

Don't forget to follow the ETA Coach Open Water Swims Facebook page for all updates regarding both the Open Water Swims and Open Water Swim Clinics.  We do not update our website as frequently as the Facebook page.
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Here at ETA Coach our goal is to educate, inspire, and transform every athlete we meet.    
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Think critically, question often, and train smart.

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