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Closing Corners
May 2017
Book Spotlight

Vertical Curves
Book 10

These books deal with the complexity of Vertical Curves.

A step-by-step solution for vertical curves that make it easy to understand and calculate.

How to calculate Symmetrical Vertical Curves (Equal tangents) and Asymmetrical Vertical Curves (Unequal tangents, High and Low points, any Station along the curve and Stationing given an elevation on the curve.

A suggested study guide can be found here.
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App Spotlight


This app was designed to calculate Sag, Crest, Uphill and Downhill vertical curves.

It will calculate the High and Low point for Sag and Crest Curves.

Calculate the elevation for any station value. 

Calculate the station value for a given elevation along the curve.

Calculate all stations and elevations for any interval.

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 EVIT Surveyors Assistant Program

The EVIT Surveyors Assistant Program had its inaugural startup in January of 2017. 

The first semester is coming to a close in May 2017. 

It has been an exciting adventure for me as the instructor and to the students who have endured my teaching techniques over the last 5 months. 

I have been able to share my 45+ years of survey experience in a way that has been fun and very educational. The course is unique in that it covers modern advancements in surveying technology and techniques. 

One of the area's of great interest is the advancement in Drone technology. As an aviator, private pilot and remote pilot, I have been able to share my experiences utilizing drone technology as it relates to surveying. 

The students just loved flying the drone for the first time. They are anxious to continue their training over the next three semesters. 

I will be showing them how to set aerial panel points, use automated mapping with DJI Ground Station Pro application to map an area for 2D and 3D processing. The students will be shown how to process the images and use them in a real world project.

Below is the outline for the course material by semester that has been and will be covered throughout the course. 

Semester One

( NCCER required course material)
Basic Safety
Introduction to Construction Mathematics
Introduction to Hand Tools
Introduction to Power Tools
Introduction to Construction Drawings
Basic Communication Skills
Basic Employment Skills
Introduction to Material Handling
 (Instructor preferential course material)
Mastering the RPN and ALG Calculators
PLSS - Charts and Graphs
Bearings, Azimuths and Angles
Create and Inverse Rectangular Coordinates
Circular Curves
Results of Surveys, ALTA's
Reverse and Compound Curves
Parcel Boundaries
Create Professional Resume
Drone - FAA Rules and Regulations - Part 107
Drone - FAA National Airspace

Semester Two

(NCCER required course material)
Introduction to Site Layout
Surveying Mathematics
Survey Equipment Use and Care
Blueprint Reading for Surveyors

(Instructor preferential course material)
Mastering the Tripod Setup
Mastering the Calculator refresher
ADOT R/W Plans
Drone - Flight instruction

Semester Three

(NCCER required course material)
Advance Surveying Mathematics
Surveying Equipment Use and Care
EDMIs and Total Stations
Control Setup
Boundary and Topographic Surveys

(Instructor preferential course material)
Vertical Curves
Coordinate Transformation
Slope Staking, Culvert Layout
Topographic Codes

Semester Four

(NCCER required course material)
Data Collection and Basic Computer Skills
Concrete Properties and Quality Control
Means and Methods

(Instructor preferential course material)
Drone - Survey Mapping
Aerial imagery processing
NGS Data Sheets - OPUS
Curb and Gutter Layout

One of the things that is really unique about the EVIT Surveyor Assistant Program is that I have been able to add additional surveying related course material to the program based on first hand knowledge and experience. 

The students are getting well rounded instruction on surveying that will carry them forward throughout their surveying career. 

A lot of the mathematical material I am teaching comes straight from the Surveying Mathematics Books and Apps that I have written. It brings me great pleasure to see others benefit from my years of experience and dedication to the surveying profession. 

The first few months of semester one was using the calculator to solve surveying problems manually. When I introduced the students to my online web apps, they were just in awe at how cool this stuff is. 

I am really looking forward to the next three semesters. It is going to be a lot of fun. 

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The inaugural "Surveyor Apprenticeship Program"
is now underway.

The formal apprenticeship training is 
registered and approved by:

The US Department of Labor (DOL), State of Arizona Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (DES) and National Center for Construction, Education & Research (NCCER).

Material covered supports preparation for the CERTIFIED SURVEY TECHNICIAN (CST) exam.

" Training Grants are Available "

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USA Airspace Commercial Drone Operations - Open
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