~April 5, 2018 Updates ~
Hello EWC Supporters!

As we head into Spring we are getting ready for a few more wet, weather triggered OPEN nights which will make this our record breaking season.

A huge Thank YOU to all for your generous support with your time, gifts and well wishes to make this possible.

Quick 2017-2018 Season Statistics:
~ Open for 39 nights ~ tomorrow will likely be #40 with a couple more this weekend!
~ 50 human guests and 5 dogs
~ Many local guests stay more than one night, in total we have provided 233 nights of shelter, meals and kindness.
~ We have helped another 32 people, including a family with a baby, with meals & support.
~ We have helped many guests with help out of the area, connection with longer term shelter solutions and another to connect with substance abuse treatment.
~ Additionally we provide warm clothing, basic necessities & connection to resources to many others every day of the year.

We don't have a "closing date" as we are able to open if weather triggers are met any month of the year, but as the season tapers off we are working on dates for some "end of BUSY season" activities:

  • A celebration this successful season!
  • Opportunities to provide input and collaborate on ideas as we move forward towards next winter.
  • Opportunities to help with season wrap up tasks!

More information to follow over the next few weeks..........

With Thanks & Warmth, Cathie
Cathie Foley
EWC Coordinator
Cell: 775-690-7694
Ways to continue supporting the EWC and our most vulnerable neighbors....
Volunteers needed this weekend!

You can get information about volunteering in the Center on our open nights through the links below. As we enter into the end of Summer & Fall there will be many opportunities for volunteer trainings and expanded learning opportunities for current volunteers..

A few of the other projects the EWC is part of:

  1. “United for Action,” needs your support! We have initiated a program to provide basic daily necessities to those in need – homeless, victims of domestic violence, or other victims of social or criminal consequences. We are purchasing backpacks to be filled with the basic daily needs for health, hygiene, and comfort. Click here for more information and ways to help!
  2. Homeless Task Force with Tahoe Forest hospital, Truckee police & fire and Project Mana to host a "Homeless Connect" event in the Spring and work together on addressing safety & needs of the areas homeless.
  3. Coats & Winter gear collection for anyone in the community with a need and Community Christmas.
  4. Participate with the Mountain Housing Council to look at supportive & affordable housing in our community.

With warmth & gratitude,
Cathie Foley
Emergency Warming Center Coordinator
Cell: 775-690-7694

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Thanks to our grant supporters and the many other faith communities and individuals that have provided financial support to ensure the Truckee North Tahoe Emergency Warming Center can open on the most severe nights of the winter season and provide connection to care & services for our most vulnerable 'neighbors'.
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