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EWGA Boise Treasure Valley                           November 2014 - Rev 2
Chapter Newsletter     
*Please there were a few edits to the newsletter so we are sending a 2nd revision.  
We hope you enjoy this issue of the Chapter Newsletter.
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Volunteer of the Year!
Congratulations to Rhonda Bulcher! 
At the year-end scramble, Rhonda Bulcher was honored as the 2014 Boise/TV Chapter Volunteer of the Year.   


Learn more about Rhonda's contributions. Click Here

Sponsor Spotlight - 
Sponsors contribute time and money to support the goals and activities of the EWGA Chapter. Please take a moment to read about this month's sponsor spotlight with:
Bill Moseley
and Golf365!
and learn more about:

Sponsor Spotlight - 
21st Century Bowling
Sponsors contribute time and money to support the goals and activities of the EWGA Chapter.  Please take a moment to read about this month's sponsor spotlight with:
Mona and
21st Century Bowling!
and learn more about:
Volunteer Forum

What's in it For You?

Please join us in our first ever Volunteer Forum!

This is a great opportunity to learn more about volunteering, and to help and support the directors in offering another great year to membership.  Please join us November 15th for an exciting and enjoyable morning; It's never too early to plan ahead.......


Date: November 15th, 2014

Time: 9 AM - 12 Noon

Location: Banbury Harbottle Room

RSVP: Just email Rhonda at 

Networking Social - Don't Forget!
Networking & Social Event!

This event is about meeting others, hosting a booth, and recognizing our Sponsors! 

  • Meet our Chapter Sponsors!       
  • Learn about members' businesses! 
  • Host a booth and share a craft!  
  • Meet other Chapter Members!


will be awarded!


Date: Nov. 14 / Time: 6-9 pm

Where: Banbury Golf Course 

Registration DueDate: Nov. 8th 

Register Now!

EWGA Nationals!
Congratulations to Elaine Eichelberg for playing in the EWGA Nationals in Nashville!


Boise's own, Elaine qualified for Nationals and had a great time playing!


Click Here to hear about the Elaine's adventures!

Click Here to see the results from Nationals!

Golf Events - Finale Scramble
Summary of the 
Banbury Finale Scramble!

Many of you joined the group as the EWGA Boise/TV Chapter finished the golf season with a fun scramble and great day at Banbury Golf Course! 


Click Here for more on the FINALE!


Golf Events - Players Tour and Match Play
Players Tour and Match Play!

This year we had 22 players participating in the Players Tour and Match Play competitions.  

The competitions took place throughout the season and at various courses. There were many great outings in all kinds of weather, and with a variety of really great players!


Big Thanks to Carol Brown for organizing the events, and announcing the results at the Finale Scramble!


Click Here for learn more about these fun events! 


Social Events
Empty Bowls! 


This was an event to give back to others!  And we had a great time doing it!  With munchies and beverages in hand, we painted many bowls for the "Empty Bowl's" annual charity event.

Can't wait to see what these masterpieces turn out to be after fired! 


Click Here to read more Empty Bowls at Ceramica. 


More social events are being offered in the coming months.


Networking & Social Event

November 14 

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your EWGA Chapter sponsors and other local businesses in the area.  This is also a great opportunity to meet fellow members and learn what they do when not playing golf. 

...Have some food and enter the drawing for some fun prizes!  And speaking prizes...  

Click Here to sign up!

Bunco & Ornament Exchange 
December 17

Bring an unwrapped ornament to hang on the tree to exchange at the end of our Bunco game.  Never played worries because no experience is necessary. This is the time to bring those stamped passports for the big drawing!

Click Here to sign up!


Special Offer for this year:

Stamp your social passport for each event you attend, earn a stamp for each guest you bring, & earn 10 stamps for new member referrals!  The more stamps you get the better chance to win a fabulous prize in December 2014!    

USGA Golf Etiquette 101
Consideration for Other Players

No Disturbance or Distraction

  • Players should always show consideration for other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making any unnecessary noise. 
  • Players should ensure that any electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players. 
  • On the teeing ground, a player should not tee his ball until it is his turn to play. 
  • Players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play.
Click Here to read more about USGA's Golf Etiquette 101.
EWGA Annual Member Meeting
Save the Date

EWGA Headquarters is hosting an Annual Member Meeting!

  • EWGA Annual Member Meeting - A time for the CEO and Board of Directors to speak directly to the members, summarize 2014 achievements, and announce association plans and goals for 2015.

When:  Tuesday, December 10, 2014 from 6:00-7:30 pm ET  

Register Here 

Health Tip
Golf - for the Health of it!

The following findings are from a report by Walker Research Group: 

  • A walked 18-hole round, carrying a bag or using a hand/pull cart, is approximately equal to a 5-mile walk.
  • The total caloric expenditure for an 18-hole round is approximately 2,000 calories for walking while carrying clubs, and 1,300 calories when riding in a cart.
  • Since walking is biomechanically more efficient than running, playing an 18-hole round of golf walking is roughly equivalent to a 3.5 to 4-mile run.
  • When walking 18-holes of golf, blood glucose levels fall by up to 20% for the young, 10% for the middle-aged, and 30% for the elderly players, and body weight is slightly reduced among all age groups.
  • Repeated golf practice enhances balance control and confidence among all age ranges. 
Get Connected
Now is a perfect time to...
Don't forget to update your profile information and make sure your information is current.


1. Login using your National email and password.

2. Customize your profile and preferences and privacy settings.

3. Adjust your discussion group subscriptions.

4. Start a conversation -- post a message in one of the Discussions.

5. Start networking -- go to the Directory and Find a Member to connect with.

Discount Card - Chico's
Take Advantage of Chico's Discount

Member Benefit:  Discount at Chico's 

  • Chico's has helped millions of women look as great as they feel - and a whole lot of those women are EWGA members!   In addition to clothes that are ready for either the office or casual events, they also have a line of active wear that is perfect for the golf course.
Discount Card - Golf Galaxy
Take Advantage of Golf Galaxy Discount

Attached is a Golf Galaxy discount e-Card. This card is available for all EWGA members to use as Golf Galaxy is a national sponsor!


Click Here to download the card.

  • Chapter members can print and use in-store or online.
  • Please note that some exclusions apply when using the card due to manufacturer restrictions.
  • If you have any questions about this member benefit, please contact
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