November 2015
Solano Land Trust red-tailed hawk
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It's the season of change. Cooler weather, fall colors and... our new eVistas newsletter. It's also the season of gratitude, and we are grateful for you and all you have done to help us protect and take care of our lands.

I would love your feedback on the new look. Please drop me an email or call me at (707) 432-0150 x210. Happy fall!

Thank you,
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Nicole Byrd
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An eagle soars where cattle roam
Heron _ cows-Muehleisen
Conservation works for birds, cows, and people

One early fall morning, 20 cows and 100 blackbirds gathered around the old cottonwood tree at Lynch Canyon. So did 50 binocular-wielding people who appreciate the connection between Solano Land Trust's protected lands and the birds that rely on those lands for habitat.
"Prairie falcon everyone. Keep your voices down and let's run..."

"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."  - Aldo Leopold
Happy hikers meet happy California cows
Cow at Lynch Canyon
Tips for sharing the trail with bovines

Did you grow up around cattle? Not everyone did, and not all of us are comfortable hiking with cows on the trail. Yet, hiking on trails that have cattle can be a great experience.

It is likely that you will encounter cattle while hiking Solano Land Trust properties. Grazing serves as an important conservation tool, helps to suppress fire fodder
, and ...

Looking for a great holiday dinner?
Saturday Evening Post cover
Support your local farmers while eating fresh, local meat

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and Christmas closer than most of us want to admit, it's time to think about what's important to us: Food.
Just kidding, well, sort of. It's family and friends, sure, but what better way to celebrate loved ones than to sit around a big table with good food and wine ...

Hike into nature 
Explore the wild at King-Swett Ranches  
Killdeer in pond Saturday, December 5 
For a remedy to the stress of the holidays, take a quick getaway with fresh air, expansive views, a workout, and a meditative reminder of what's important.

Trail work is fun  
Contribute to lasting improvements at Lynch Canyon workday at Lynch Canyon
Saturday, November 14 

Improvements to the South Valley Trail has been a focus all summer. Work continues with the addition of gravel and lodge pole pine edging. Join us!

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