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May 2017
Join us for Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 20 from 10-noon at Centennial Elementary School, 1315 Aspen Street in Springfield. This is our favorite annual event! We'll have live music, games, face painting, light refreshments, and a resource fair for the parents. Family Fun Day is a safe, accessible, and free event for families in our program.

Focus on Positive Communication

As a parent, it's easy to find yourself constantly saying things like, "No! Don't pull your sister's hair! Don't climb on the bookshelf! Stop running!" If a child is constantly hearing no, they may start to tune out adult language. We recommend giving a child at least four positive comments for every negative comment. However, with a little bit of practice, you can make your communication more positive while still providing your child with important boundaries. Make your best effort to:
  • React positively.
  • Give your child an acceptable solution so that she can carry it out.
  • Be patient and try again.
  • Reinforce learning with praise.

Here are some examples of ways to give positive verbal direction.

           Say...                                                                                  Instead of...

  • Use your walking feet.                                         Don't run!
  • Use your inside voice.                                          No yelling!
  • Keep your hands to yourself and be gentle.     Don't hit.
  • Sand stays in the sandbox.                                  Don't throw sand.
  • Wow! You're such an artist. Here are                Don't draw on the walls!
    some crayons and paper for you to draw on.
    Let's clean this up together!        

It works best to practice positive communication and teach appropriate behavior when you and your child are both in a calm state. Also take time to think about what behavior expectations are or are not reasonable for your child. Talk to your service coordinator if you have questions about this. 

Talk, Read, and Sing about STEM

It's never too early to start teaching your child about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Teaching about STEM can be as simple as counting hugs with your toddler or taking the time to answer your 3-year-olds endless "why" questions. Find more tips from Too Small to Fail and the U.S. Department of Education here: https://www2.ed.gov/…/talk-read-s…/stem-toolkit-families.pdf

Photo Rally for Early Intervention

Want to advocate in support of funding for Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education services, but don’t have time to come to the Capitol to meet with legislators? Early Childhood CARES invites you to join the Oregon Alliance for Early Intervention’s statewide photo rally to show your support for EI/ECSE services! It’s simple and easy, and will only take a few minutes. We will be posting these photos to social media and also sending them off to your legislators.

"EI/ECSE services helped my son learn to walk, play, eat, and socialize with peers." - Cottage Grove

How to participate:
1. Make a (legible) sign that says: Support EI/ECSE. Or print off our version, found here.
2. Parents! Have someone take a picture of you with your child holding up the sign. If you're a service provider, pose with a child you serve while holding the sign.
3. Share the photo with us, along with your city name, and 1-2 sentences about the positive impact EI/ECSE services has had on your family. You can share by:
a) Email to ecparent@uoregon.edu
b) Post directly to this event page on the Early Childhood CARES Facebook page, along with the hashtag #SupportEarlyIntervention

To stay updated, connect with the Oregon Alliance for Early Intervention.
Email: contact@oregonaei.org   Website: www.oregonaei.org

 "My son would not be able to handle kindergarten without EI/ECSE. It makes me emotional to think about it. Intervention needs to happen with some kids  — the earlier the better."  - Oakridge
  Child with service coordinator Kat Griffin in Eugene.
 Our final English language parent chat of the year will be, "How to Help Your Child Become a Successful Communicator," on Saturday May 13 at the Clinical Services Building from 10-noon.
Check here for the latest updates on events with ARC Families Connected, including a dinner night on Thursday May 25.
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  • Informative parenting articles.
  • Monthly calendar of activities to do with your kids.
  • Connect with resources across Lane County.
Early Childhood CARES Resource Guide 2016-2017    

If you would like an updated copy of the 2016-2017 Resource Guide for resources available in our community, visit our website  to download it. If you need a paper copy, contact your service coordinator or Carla at carlam@uoregon.edu.
Free Screening for Siblings

Parents of children receiving services from Early Childhood CARES may request a free developmental screening for younger siblings. Simply call 541-346-2578. Spanish speaking families can call 541-346-0742.

Kids in Transition to Kindergarten

Have a child who will be starting kindergarten in fall 2017? KITS is a free, 24-session kindergarten readiness summer program available at select elementary schools. Sign up at your kindergarten registration, call 541-681-4206, or online at www.KidsinTransitionToSchool.org.

Sensory Storytime

The Eugene Public Library offers a sensory-friendly storytime on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. This is for kids of all ages with sensory integration issues or other special needs. 100 W. 10th Ave, Eugene. 

Imagination Library

Families who live in the Eugene library district, you can sign your child up to receive a free book by mail every month from birth until he or she turns 5. Details available at the Eugene Public Library website here.
About Us:
Early Childhood CARES provides early intervention and early childhood special education to infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children in Lane County. Services are individually designed to address the needs of the young child with developmental delays or disabilities. All services are free of charge to eligible children.

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