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Early Summer 2012

Howdy Friends! Hope this news finds you well and you have been able to get out and enjoy some fly fishing! 


Tons going on around the shop as usual and we thought we'd drop you all a note.


A very exciting season underway and June is jam packed with specials and events. Be sure to see our "Calendar" page for a listing of everything going on.


Big news recently in that the Fly Fishing Film Tour has selected Mad River Outfitters as one of the premier fly shops in the country and we will be working with them in the future on events and promotions. Be sure to check out the story below.


Also, coming up later in June, we have announced a "Summer Sidewalk SALE". This will be a three day event and yes.....we will actually have highly discounted merchandise out on the sidewalk in front of the store. For those not in and around Columbus, there will also be an online component to this as well so stay tuned.



Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to fish with you in 2012!

In this issue.......
MRO in the News
Michigan Salmon Trip
1-Day Fly Fishing Schools at Sunnybrook Trout Club
Musky Season
New!- Musky Fly Category
MRO Picked as a "Top Shop"
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Fly Fish Lake St. Clair
Dynamic Nymphing
30% OFF Smartwool Socks
Protect Yourself
Fall Steelhead Trips
Summer SALE
Tropical and Fishing Clothing
Mad River Outfitters featured in "This Week" Newspapers
Back in May several of our local communities featured us in the "Successful Local Business" section of the This Week papers. The response has been overwhelming!!!

If you didn't get a chance to read the article......Click Here

Fall Salmon Trip



Click Here for Details and Pricing!






1-Day Fly Fishing Schools at Sunnybrook Trout Club




Learn the fine art of fly fishing......on one of the most legendary pieces of trout water in the country.


Sunnybrook Trout Club is the perfect place for these fun and informative schools. Located on the famous "Blue Hole" waters near Sandusky, Ohio, Sunnybrook offers anglers the chance to fish over the trophy trout found in these waters.


These schools are taught by our own Graham Stokes on the grounds of Sunnybrook. 1/2 day spent in a classroom setting, 1/2 day on the water practicing what you learned. Great chance to learn while actually catching some fantastic trout!


No equipment necessary!!!



Summer 2012 Dates:   

Friday, June 29th 
Friday, August 3rd


Click Here for more details and pricing on these schools




Mad River Outfitters 1-day Fly Fishing Schools


Centrally located for our friends in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago! 


Overnight accommodations available.








Musky Season is ON!!!


Friend and fellow Musky addict Cody Wagner with a fantastic Ohio Musky!

If you are not familiar with our Musky Program here at Mad River Outfitters......read our recent Blog!

Musky Flies!!

Speaking of Musky, we have recently added a fly category dedicated to these Apex predators. 

Within a few days, we will be adding the incredible and ground breaking flies of Patrick Kelly as well. You won't believe these flies....they are mostly 18+ inches long and some much longer. He and his flies flat out catch fish and the angling world is starting to take notice. Check back soon to see his artwork!

Check out our Musky Flies Here




Mad River Outfitters selected as a "Premier Fly Shop" by the Film Tour! 






One of only 15 shops that they have chosen to "Partner" with from around the country.


We will be working with them in the future and will be participating in some promotions that they offer. We will also be featured in their "Stonefly" Blog on a monthly basis.


Wow what an honor! Thanks to Steve Swanson and the folks at the Fly Fishing Film Tour.


Click Here to check them out and to get a $25.00 OFF Coupon to Mad River Outfitters





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Over 3600 fans as of today and growing at an alarming rate!


We post on Facebook most every day and it is surely the best way to keep up with goings-on around Mad River Outfitters.


Trips, News, Products, Specials, Announcments and more.


Check us out and become a FAN!!!! 









World Class Warmwater Fly Fishing!




Click Here for details and pricing on Lake St. Clair trips 

Click Here to view pictures from previous trips

Must Read for Trout Anglers


Probably one of the best books on trout fishing to come down the pike in years!

George Daniel brings us "Dynamic Nymphing" and covers a the hot topic of European Style nymphing.

A great read and a must for any trout angler

Check it out HERE!

Speaking of Nymphing: The SAGE ESN Fly Rods


Simply the finest Nymphing rods ever made!!

Sage's new European Style Nymph (ESN) rod is designed to fish most styles of European tournament nymph fishing. Whether it is Czech, Polish, French or Spanish nymph fishing, this style of short line, contact nymph fishing is quickly gaining popularity in North America.

ESN fishing is a highly effective method of catching fish in high-pressure streams where trout are weary of anglers. The ESN has a brand new taper which is made with a unique compound tapered mandrel. This light-weight rod has a completely new slim profile and a very supple, sensitive tip. This combination allows the angler to feel the take and still have the power to quickly set the hook. 




Check out the new SAGE ESN Fly Rods Here




30% OFF Smartwool Socks

Order any Smartwool Socks during the month of June and we'll knock 30% OFF!!

Simply mention the Smartwool SALE in your "Order Notes" and we'll get it right!

(Remember that the discount WILL NOT show on your order but we will apply when we approve the charge on your card)

Offer valid online or in the shop!

Click Here to view our selection of Smartwool Socks





Protect Yourself!



BUFF Headwear, Gloves and Accessories featured HERE!
New from BUFF!        The Fighting Work Gloves




Fall Steelhead Trips- Muskegon River Lodge



Click Here for Details and Pricing on these Trips


Summer/Sidewalk SALE- June 28,29,30

 Some great deals to be had these three days!!

Yes....we will actually have racks and tables of merchandise out on the sidewalk and some of it will be highly discounted. We have been "cleaning our closets" and this will be a garage sale of sorts.

For those not in the Columbus, Ohio area....please note that we will have an online component to this sale so that you are not left out!

Please stay tuned! Check the website and we will be getting an e-mailer/snail mailer out about this SALE event.

Tropical/Fishing Clothing

Mad River Outfitters features a great selection of Tropical and Fishing related clothing both in the shop and on the online store.

Brands like Columbia, Orvis, Patagonia and Simms are all featured!

Above is shown the legendary Patagonia Island Hopper Shirt in the Loch/Endive color for the 2012 season. These are truly some of the finest shirts that we have ever sold.....and we have been selling them now for over 15 years!!! 

Check out our selection of Tropical and Fishing Clothing Here




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We hope to fish with you in 2012!


The Staff of Mad River Outfitters