"Each one of us holds the power to contribute something."
As Earth Day approaches, we are even more aware of the spectacular region in which we live and the need to steward its natural resources for future generations. The donor advisors for the Salem Fund Foundation at Connecticut Community Foundation tell us how they would like to see the fund's assets used to benefit the local environment. Here they share their thoughts on giving.
"While it is true that any one person cannot protect all of Mother Nature in this world, each one of us holds the power to contribute something—even a little something—to the greater good of the whole.

We decided, through the Salem Foundation Fund, to focus on the local level.

To be even a small part of helping with the preservation of local bodies of water, or a jewel like Botany Pond at the nearby nature sanctuary [Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust], has proven to be an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile endeavor for us.

The Foundation's invaluable service helps us to easily actualize our objectives of contributing on this local environmental level."

—Advisors to the Salem Foundation Fund at Connecticut Community Foundation

Photo: Children making catch and release discoveries in the Botany Pond. Courtesy of Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust
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