April 2018 
Planet Plastic 
albatross chick with plastic in stomach USFWS
Sturdy, cheap, and versatile, plastics are a staple in products from cars to sportswear. But millions of tons wind up in oceans, littering coastlines with bottles and balloons, ensnaring sea turtles, and killing wildlife like this albatross chick. Your environmental engineers will wade into this month's activity marking Earth Day.Trash talk - and walk - encouraged!
NOAA 2018 Marine Debris art contest winner

Students in grades 7 to 9 learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, research plastics pollution in oceans, and present that information as a short, eye-catching newsletter suitable to hand out to fast-food customers. 

Companion activity includes field work to measure and map plastics in the students' community

singapore_s sky greens
Indoor 'vertical farming' could be an answer to urban food needs and shrinking agricultural space - if cost and energy obstacles can be overcome. Already, pioneers are sprouting up in places like Japan, Singapore, and in U.S. university labs, as ASEE's Prism magazine reports.

Sensors can be a powerful tool to teach STEM. In this free, research-based curriculum, middle and high school students develop technical skills along with a sense of environmental stewardship by constructing, deploying, and interpreting data from a network of water-quality sensors that monitor the health of a local stream or river.

Join the Marine Debris Tracker citizen-science project with the University of Georgia app!

Heliora gen nano superhero

What does a solar-powered hero named Heliora have in common with a peppy polymer that transforms into a cell-size warrior to battle an antibiotic-resistant superbug? Both won the National Science Foundation's 2018 Generation Nano challenge for students. 
ASEE at NSTA regional in New Orleans
PD: ASEE @ NSTA Highlights

Didn't make it to the American Society for Engineering Education's hands-on Engineering Day sessions at NSTA's regional conferences? We've got you covered with select activities and resources.  

Join ASEE at NSTA's STEM Forum July 11-13 in Philly!

Send Your Name to the Sun. NASA will inscribe your name on a memory card bound for research glory aboard the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft. Enroll by April 27.  Learn more.

World Oceans Day. Clean a beach, create art, or help monitor marine debris. Check out these lesson plans and other resources for celebrating on  June 8. Learn more.

EngineerGirl Ambassadors. The National Academy of Engineering's high-school leadership program offers up to $250 for projects. Apply by May 31. Learn more.

Summer Research for STEM Teachers. The National Science Foundation sponsors paid summer programs at university labs nationwide. Learn more.

Summer STEM Programs for Students. The Army Educational Outreach Program offers research apprenticeships, camps, and other summer opportunities. Learn more.
Siemens Possibility Grant Sweepstakes.  Teachers can win $10,000 for their school to build and equip a top-tier STEM lab. Enter daily through April 27.  Learn more. 

The Accelerator. ASEE's blog and free monthly e-newsletter for engineering and engineering education students has scholarships, teaching tips, and news. Learn more. 

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