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Issue No. 84
June 2014
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Programmes & Courses
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you've never seen the marvel of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in person, now is your chance!  There will be a Claims Presentation Course  in Malaysia's capital city on
19 September 2014. 
If you're interested in attending, contact Lori Fusello for more information. 
Doha, Qatar
The DBF's recent Intensive Training and Decision Writing Programmes held in Dublin were a resounding success!  Don't miss the next opportunity to enroll in the fall session of these structured & specialised programmes being held 8-11 September 2014 in
Doha, Qatar.
For comments about this programme by participants, click here.  
Download a program brochure for more information on course content,  or  send us an email with your questions.

Cartagena, Colombia Panorama

We are pleased to announce a special two day presentation and workshop on International Construction Contracts & Drafting. This two day course will take place in the beautiful old city of Cartagena, Colombia.  Tentative dates are set for November 5-6, 2014.  Interested in attending?  Contact Lori Fusello for more information.

Design for new Abuja City Gate, Nigeria

Don't forget about our Member's Dinner this year in Abuja, Nigeria 22 October 2014.  Spend an evening with your fellow DBF members, network, meet new friends and colleagues and enjoy a wonderful dinnerl!
Email for details


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See what others are saying about the DBF's Intensive Training Programmestestimonials

"The  Intensive Training Programme  greatly expanded my knowledge. It was very well organized and  prepared, with a high level of professional presentation thanks to Dr. Chern, Leo Grutters and Ben Beaumont. I strongly recommend this  course."


Zdenek Jurik 
ABC Engineering P.E.
Prague,  Czech Republic  

"I attended the DAB Intensive Training in Dublin-Ireland, April 7-9, 2014. My compliments to the great team of trainers, and to everybody who participated in the organization of the training!  

As an employee of a construction company, I gained valuable knowledge that every Contractor needs to know when it comes to disputes and DAB decisions in large construction projects.  

The trainers shared with us not only their huge knowledge and experience regarding DAB matters, but we were also able to learn more about very important related issues of claims and contract management. I am grateful for having a privilege to participate."


Sead Dizdarevic
Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina 


Upcoming Events


  • 8-11 September 2014, Doha, Qatar, Dispute Board Intensive Training Programme & Decision Writing Programme  
  • 19 September  2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Claims Presentation Course  
  • 15 October 2014, Abuja, Nigeria, Member's Dinner  
  • 6-7 November 2014, Cartagena, Colombia, International Construction Contracts & Drafting (Presentation and Workshop) top
Dispute Boards, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Across Cultures and Continents
Dr. Imad Al Jamal of the IDRAAC
The history of dispute resolution from  arbitration  to today's dispute boards has its many varied  roots in the different cultures throughout history.


Dr. Imad Al Jamal, Managing Director of the International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Centre (IDRAAC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and a long time Fellow of the Dispute Board Federation has contributed this timely in-depth   article entitled "Arbitration Under Islamic-Sharia Law". The article covers the history and commonalities of dispute resolution between Islamic cultures and in particular Sharia Law, compared with the evolution of dispute resolution in other legal systems. Whether the concepts of arbitration and dispute resolution have their basis in civil law, common law or Islamic-Sharia Law, interesting parallels do exist.




Welcome To Our Newest Members!

Zdenek Jurik, P.E.

ABC Engineering,

Czech Republic

Zdenek Jurik

Expertise: 40 years experience in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and
Special steel construction.
Nationality: Czech

President of ABC Engineering


Mr Jurik is a Consulting engineer specialising in the design and calculation of special structures, FEA of buildings (120,000 sf), steel towers, commercial and residential structures, various marine projects including floats, decks (American Cruise Line), public landings and consulting services for unusual structures.


Creation of 3D digital models and drawings for any structure including structural analysis. Expert witness in civil and structural engineering and structure assessments. 




Vassilio Vareldzis
Arbitrator and Dispute Resolution Advisor, Dubai, UAE

Vassilios Vareldzis
Expertise: Arbitrator & Dispute Resolution Advisor
Nationality:  Greek

Mr. Vareldzis has over 40 years of experience in several capacities including work in design, supervision, execution and management of construction projects in the UK, Jordan, U.A.E., Singapore, The Russian Federation, Kuwait, and Qatar.


He also has extensive experience in contract administration and construction claims and the resolution of claims on residential, commercial and infrastructure projects in the UAE, Doha, Kuwait, Thailand, Bahrain and Russia.


Further expertise includes expert witness work, litigation, mediation, adjudication, arbitrations, as well as case management representative in arbitrations.



Expert Panel Listing Now on DBFederation.org
For those members who have achieved "Expert" status in their field, there is now a listing of members with their respective credentials and specialty fields for prospective clients to search on the DBF's website. 

You can access this information here: Expert Panel Listing 

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Let's face it, the easiest way to keep up on what's going on in our world is through social media.

The DBF has expanded to Facebook in an effort to keep members abreast of what is happening in the world of dispute boards, ADR, engineering, construction and more.  It's also an excellent opportunity to find out about upcoming courses, programmes and events being offered by The Dispute Board Federation.






Have Some News For Our Members?

Would you like to highlight any news or events going on in your organization?  We would love to share what's happening with our members.  Please contact our new publications manager Lori Fusello at l.fusello@dbfederation.org with your news!


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