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  Now Taking Easter Orders...


Take a peek at some of our Easter specialties.  This is just a small selection of what we offer.  If you do not see something you are looking for below, please call us and ask.  We would truly appreciate your Easter orders by Saturday, MARCH 24th (day before PALM SUNDAY) at the latest.  Order to guarantee your family gets their favorite Easter treats. 

We do not use preservatives. We recommend picking up your Easter Sunday Bakery orders on Holy Saturday...if you pick it up may NOT BE FRESH when you serve it.
Polish Sweet Bread: Our #1 Seller
Polish Sweet Bread is our most popular holiday bread.  I like to describe it as a cross between a bread and a cake.  We start by making a buttery sweet bread dough.  Then, we let it rise and rise into a warm fluffy ball.  Next, we mix it with more eggs, butter and sugar and top it off with our heavenly crumb topping.  Serve toasted with butter, with ham or as French Toast for a extra sweet treat.


With White Raisins or Plain


Our Price: $14.99 per loaf 


This round sweet egg bread has a golden color inside. 
Pollaks use the term Babka.
Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks and other Eastern Europeans call this bread  Paska.


Our Price: $6.99 for White Raisin or Plain
Add Walnuts or Almonds for $1.50
Add Cherries or Fruit for $1 each


 serves about 6 people
about the size of a volleyball
Hoska / Challah


This is a long Braided Bread made from the same sweet egg dough as the Babka. The Braid makes for a lovely addition to your Blessing Basket and Easter Dinner Table.


Our Price: $6.99  for White Raisin or Plain
Add Walnuts or Almonds for $1.50
Add Cherries for $1.00
Hot Cross Buns
These Lenten favorites are made with our yummy sweet dough with dark raisins.  Icing cross makes for a sweet topping.
Price :  $1 each or 6 pack for $5.79
Lamb Butter
The Butter Lamb is a Polish Catholic Easter tradition. The Lamb represents the Easter sacrifice.  Many people buy these and have them blessed for their Easter Sunday meal. These go be sure to order one. 
Lamb Butter 

Our Price: $4.69 each

Lamb Shape 

Poppyseed or Nut Rolls
Nut Roll 

Our delicious Nut rolls are made daily using our laminated butter scratch dough and homemade roasted cashew filling.


As for the Poppyseed rolls, we grind the raw poppyseed ourselves and then make it into our amazing filling.  Each roll weights approx. 1.5 pounds. Size: Approx. 15 inches long, 4-5 inches wide. 


Nut or Poppyseed Rolls (sold by the Pound)

$7.99 per pound

(average price $10-$12) 

Combo Roll (2 flavors in 1 roll): $7.99 per pound

(average price of combo roll $12-$15)


***If you like a lot of filling, please request a heavy Kuchen.  The rolls are sold by weight, so the heavier it is, the more filling inside. It may cost a bit more but, you are getting more for your money!


Add frosting on the side

Vanilla- $1.00

Maple- $1.50


Rolls available for shipment off our home page.

Mail Order Deadline is St. Patrick's Day 2018... to guarantee arrival by Easter.  We ship the rolls frozen and recommend you keep them frozen until Easter morning.



Poppyseed Roll 

Lamb Cake
Lamb Cake
No Coconut
Traditional Hand-decorated Lamb cakes.
Flavors: White or Chocolate


Order with or without Coconut fur

Our Price: $21.99
Lamb Cake Coconut
With Coconut

Small Pettifore Egg Cakes

 Pettifore egg cakeSame yummy cake as the Lamb and Large Egg but, in a single size portion.  Makes a lovely table setting accent.



Our Price: $3.99 each 
Panoramic Sugar Eggs
panoramic sugar egg lotsHandmade Sugar eggs.  A true work of Art!  Outer shell is made completely of sugar.  Inside figures are not edible.  Eggs last for years if taken care of properly.  Each one is different.  Come into the store to see the full array. Makes a great gift for Mom, Grandma or a hostess.

Large Egg Price: $27.99
Small Egg Price: $7.99 



 Comes in a window gift box with Easter Grass.

 small panoramic egglarge panoramic egg

Kolacky-  We make 4 traditional doughs


#1 Cream Cheese Dough (called Mickey's)

*Traditional for Pollacks, full size or mini bite size

mickey full size  

Full Size $11.40 per dozen                      Mini size:  75pc $37.99 or 100pc $49.99



#2 Flakey Puff Pastry (Filo Dough)  *Light and flakey, topped with powdered sugar  

Full Size $11.40 per dozen  


#3 Butter Danish Dough  *Regular breakfast pastry topped with icing   


$11.40 per dozen


#4 Sour Cream Dough

*Super Rich, topped with icing 

sour cream pastry
$11.40 per dozen 

All Kolacky filled with either nut, cheese, apple, apricot, blueberry, pineapple, or raspberry.  Ordered dozens will consist of assorted flavors.  You may specify the flavor you would like if you order 12 of the SAME flavor.  Prune and poppyseed are only available at special request and must be ordered a few days in advance or before the order deadline


Easter Cookies

Adorable and Sweet.  Get them wrapped for your Easter Basket.  Designs vary by day.
Price: $1.99 - $3 each   Have your cookies wrapped for your Easter Basket for .25

cross cookies bunny cookies   daisy assorted colors
Egg Cookies 
Easter Meats - See below for important ordering info**
Sekanice  (Veal Loaf)
Blended herbs and spices cooked with Veal and Pork baked in a loaf pan.  A Bohemian favorite.
Price by the slice or loaf: $8.99 per pound
Entire loaf around 6 pounds  
Fresh Kielbasa- Traditional Polish Garlic Kielbasa.  This kielbasa must be boiled before it is roasted, baked or pan fried.   Price: $7.09 per #
fresh kielbasa
Smoked Kielbasa Traditional Polish Garlic Kielbasa in the Smoked version    Heat and Eat.    Price: $7.49 per #
Smoked Kielbasa
***Due to the increasing prices of ingredients and meat, Stan's Bakery will be limiting the amount of Kielbasa available for walk-in customers without an order.  We will be carrying Kielbasa for Easter in limited quantities.  Please ORDER your Easter meat so you are not shut out.***
Pastry Tray
pastry tray 

Delightful mini-sized pastries arranged on a black plastic tray with a snap-on clear lid for easy transportation and display. Available in 3 sizes:

60 pc. $38.99 75pc. $48.99 100 pieces $58.99

Each tray contains an equal assortment of the following...

  • Award Winning Marshmallow Meringue Lady Locks
  • Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky in assorted fillings
  • Fudge Brownies with optional sprinkles
  • Puff Pastry kolacky/Sour Cream Kolacky in assorted fillings
  • Custard filled Puffs topped with Chocolate Fudge

*no substitutions or changes can be made to these trays.  You may only add additional pastry.


If you want to eat use this tray on EASTER MUST PICK IT UP ON HOLY SATURDAY. 

Angel Wings "Chruściki"
ChruÅ'ciki- angel wings-bow ties  
These light and airy Polish pastries
are covered in Powder Sugar.


Our Price:
$6.59 per small container
$21.99 per large container

Mini Lady Locks
Mini Lady Locks 
Our Award Winning Marshmallow Lady a mini form.
Price:$10.99 per dozen
These are always a crowd favorite!
Phewwww.....that was a long one.  If you made it through, good for are a true Stan's Bakery Fan!   Kiss HUG.   Please Please Please order ahead of time.  We hate turning orders down because we were not given enough notice.  Feel free to look on our website for other treats we make.  Of course, we will be making bread, rolls, pastry trays, strudels and other goodies. We hope your family has a wonderful Lenten Season and Easter Holiday.

Leslie Srodek-Johnson
Stan's Northfield Bakery
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* All prices subject to change without notice. 
We do not use preservatives.  We recommend picking up your Easter Sunday Bakery orders on Holy Saturday...if you pick it up may NOT BE FRESH when you serve it.