2 April 2018
Our Eighth grade students present the Stations of the Cross. 
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Greetings from Mr. Gault

Easter blessings to all from the students, faculty and staff of The De La Salle School! I would like to take this opportunity to reflect with great pride on the leadership demonstrated by our eighth-grade students during Holy Week. I was so moved and inspired by the prayerful way that they presented The Stations of the Cross, allowing each of us present to reflect on the Passion of Our Blessed Savior. The sincerity and reverence demonstrated as they prayed at each station was indeed a very grace filled moment and experience.
When we return to school following our Easter break, it will start the countdown toward graduation. This eighth-grade class has worked hard and each student has achieved a position in a Catholic high school for September. Eight will be attending Kellenberg Memorial High School and seven are attending Holy Trinity Diocesan High School. The next chapter of their life is about to begin with new goals and challenges. We pray that each of our young men will be blessed with the wisdom to reach his full potential as a young Lasallian gentleman. The challenge for us continues to be the ability to secure the funding needed to assist our families who want to send their sons to a Catholic High School. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they prepare for the next chapter in their educational careers.
Easter blessings to all from the students, faculty and staff of The De La Salle School!
Live Jesus in our hearts!
Mr. William Gault
Executive Director
Scenes from the presentation of the Stations of the Cross by the 8th Grade.


Many people gathered in fellowship for the Stations of the Cross, 
including, top, many alumni, below, Mr. Rall, his family, and parents and staff, 
and Father Arcoleo, Brother Timothy, and our 7th grade students.

Week of 19 March

Writers of the Week - Kevin S., and Stephen L., 7th Grade

Week of 26 March

Word of the Week - ampersand (n.) - 
the shape of the character "&" originated in the First Century AD, as a shortened form of the Latin "et" (and); in the 1800s "&" was the last letter of the alphabet, and children reciting the alphabet said "x,y,z and per se and" (literally and, by itself, and); over time this was shortened to "ampersand."

Gentleman of the Week - Luis, 8th Grade
Writer of the Week - Kelvin, 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Richard, 6th Grade

There was no Gentleman or Artist of the Week, and Word of the Week 
was delayed one week, the  week of 19  March, due to the snow days.

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