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Pat's Paragraphs

August 2016

Dear Friends,

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The Wandering Day is set in an era of international upheaval. The first World War was over and the League of Nations was doing its best to stave off new hostilities. The Great Depression had begun, plunging the industrial world into an economic crisis.
In the face of political and economic turbulence there was a desperate hope for a new world order – for unity among nations and progress toward prosperity for all. There were some social reformers who believed that a single universal calendar would help to bring harmony among the diverse cultures of the world. The idea of Calendar Reform attracted so much interest that the League of Nations appointed a Special Committee of Enquiry and the matter was put on its agenda.
It seemed like a good idea, on the face of it. But the Calendar Reform movement posed the 20th century’s greatest international threat to Sabbath observance. And it struck at the foundational principles of freedom of conscience, minority rights, and Religious Liberty.
That’s why The Wandering Day is such an important documentary!

The topic of Religious Liberty has always fascinated me. History uncovers amazing and heartrending stories associated with freedom of conscience, or the lack of it. But our day also has its stories, and we ourselves may witness events as disturbing and alarming as those of the past.

Think about Russia -  all proselytizing is outlawed! Even in the privacy of one’s own home!

What about here in America - business owners are forced to provide services against their religious convictions! A Christian coach is fired for praying in a public school while a Buddhist coach is allowed to chant!

The spirit that drove the secular-minded social reformers of 85 years ago is alive and well today. It no longer seems so far-fetched to imagine laws condemning particular religious practices or promoting particular religious ideas and beliefs. Even here in “free” America, basic principles of personal liberty are in question. There are even now legal impediments to the free exercise of faith and moral values in public life. We can no longer take our liberty for granted!

One thing we can be sure of: We must work while the doors of opportunity are still open. Our challenge here at LLT is to labor in the field the Lord has assigned to us. We must clearly address end-time issues by means of the visual media.

Friends, you already know that the Sabbath and the State of the Dead are our particular areas of focus. These are critical doctrines for our day. The Sabbath binds hearts to the heart of the Creator. The State of the Dead reveals the character of our God and protects against the doctrines of demons.

You can be an essential part of this work that we do. Your financial support makes production possible. Your comments and counsel help to guide us. Your prayers engage the powers of heaven to inspire, encourage, and direct us.

With the completion of The Wandering Day we are poised to move ahead with the documentary on Eternal Torment. We are waiting for the Lord to provide the necessary funds. His treasures are in the hands of His people. I pray that He will impress you to partner with us as an investor in this ministry.

Thank you for your prayers, your interest, your support. You are His hands and I thank God for you. 

In Christ,

Pat Arrabito
Eastman's Kodak Out of Focus?
The September 13, 1929, issue of the Washington Times carried a letter credited to George Eastman, of Eastman Kodak fame. The letter promoted Eastman’s position on Calendar Reform and belittled opposition arguments. Eastman ridiculed pre-Flood biblical history, claiming that “when Methuselah lived, a month was counted as a year. In our present reckoning Methuselah would only have been seventy-four years of age.”

C. S. Longacre, Religious Liberty leader for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, responded with a personal letter to Eastman. Longacre’s letter is flavored with wit and biting humor. Here is Longacre’s response to Eastman’s comment about Bible history:

“When you made this statement you evidently did not have your Kodak properly adjusted on the Bible record. If this is an illustration of the way you focus your camera, one might be pardoned for doubting the accuracy of the picture you give us on other subjects.  Any careful student of the Bible, or even a student of human anatomy, would have made the discovery that if the men whose ages are recorded in the Bible before the flood counted a month for a year, as you asserted, that Enoch would have been only five years and five months old when he became the father of Methuselah…. Whoever head of a boy becoming the father of a child at five years of age?”*

*Letter from C. S. Longacre to George Eastman dated September 18, 1929.

-Jim Wood

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