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Indestructible houseplants survive with low light, low humidity and neglectful watering. They also act as indoor air purifiers making our homes healthier. Hurry, sale ends October 31, 2012.


'Lemon Surprise'
(Dracaena deremerisis)

This indestructible houseplant has stunning foliage!  The variegated leaves are vivid lime-green with thin white stripes surrounding and interspersed within the dark green leaf center.  Each leaf has a slightly twisted shape giving the plant a unique form.  This is a large plant in a 6" pot. 


R2452-6 Reg. $19.95

Sale: $14.95
Blue Monstrosity Cactus
(Cereus peruvianus 'Monstrous')

Blue Monstrosity Cactus is a slow-growing, compact plant whose knobby growth has a bluish tint and a few fine hairs. This rare and unusual specimen reaches 6" tall when mature and only requires watering a couple times a month. 4" pot.


S7813-4 Reg. $12.95

Sale: $9.95
Lipstick Plant
(Aeschynanthus radicans)

One of the best houseplants for a hanging basket, Lipstick Plant takes lower light levels and dry conditions with ease.  This free-flowering species has cascading, shiny green leaves with burgundy undersides.  Rich red flowers appear throughout the year.  2.5" pot.


T5003-2  Reg. $9.95

Sale: $7.95
Philodendron 'Hope'
(Philodendron selloum x hybrid)

This no-nonsense, easy-care plant is an indestructible houseplant that filters indoor toxins from the air. 'Hope' is an upright grower with large lobed leaves that add a tropical flair to any room.  This is a large plant in a
6" pot.


R2362-6 Reg. $24.95

Sale: $19.95
Chandalier Plant
(Kalanchoe mangini)
Blooming in late winter or early spring, this succulent has salmon-colored, bell-shaped flowers that form on the tips of its branches. An ideal candidate for a hanging basket, this indestructible houseplant is easy-to-grow. 2.5" pot.


S7511-2 Reg. $6.95


'Mason's Congo'
(Sansevieria masoniana)
Sansevieria 'Mason's Congo' tolerates low light and neglectful watering with ease. Growing about 2' tall, the stiff light-green leaves measure about 4" wide and have dark green spotting. There is an attractive thin red margin around each leaf. This succulent is virtually pest and disease free! 4" pot. 


S7768-4  Reg. $18.95
Sale: $12.95
'Desert Surprise'
(Kalanchoe humilis)
Bold burgundy stripes on the 4" rounded green leaves add an alluring appeal to this easy-growing succulent.  In mid-summer a flower spike with small purple blossoms appears from the center of the open rosette. 
2.5" pot.


S7804-2 Reg. $8.95
Sale: $6.95
Red Tillandsia
 (Tillandsia brachycaulos)
An epiphytic "air plant" with brilliant red coloration, Tillandsia brachycaulos remains colorful for months then turns back to green and grows 2-3 new pup plants surrounding the mother. This tillandsia is on a 3" x 3" piece of cork with a hanging wire so it makes a wonderful window decoration. 


L6548  Reg. $12.95
Sale: $9.95
Crown of Thorns
'Red Jillian'

(Euphorbia milii) 
This Thai Giant hybrid euphorbia has the largest flowers ever seen on a Crown of Thorns. The flower umbel is 4-6" across with each individual bloom measuring about 2".  'Red Jillian' has unique red flowers with green markings. This easy grower thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. 2.5" pot.


S7755-2  Reg. $14.95
Sale: $12.95
'Pink Starlight'

(Cryptanthus bivittatus) 
Prepare to be amazed by the pretty tones of pink and cream with olive-green stripes in the leaf centers.  This easy-care houseplant in the bromeliad family is commonly called Earth Star or Starfish Plant.  4" pot.


S7805-4 Reg. $12.95
Sale: $9.95
Baby Jade
'Gollum' p.p.
(Crassula ovata hybrid ) 
Unusual tubular leaves with red edges arise from this compact, upright succulent.  'Gollum' is a low maintenance plant and makes an unusual specimen for containers. It will develop a thick trunk with age and its mature height is 12-16". 2.5" pot. 


S7812-2 Reg. $7.95
Sale: $5.95
Philodendron 'Autumn'
(Philodendron hybrid)
Attractive and easy-care are two benefits that make Philodendron 'Autumn' a desirable houseplant. New leaves unfurl orange but quickly change to bright red while mature leaves darken to green. This shade lover grows to 30" tall. 4" pot. 
R2307-4 Reg. $14.95
Sale $9.95
Brachycaulos 'Spiral' on Stand
(Tillandsia hybrid )
Brachycaulos 'Spiral' grows about 4" tall and the leaves turn an attractive red color during its bloom cycle.  In summer, purple flowers emerge from the center.  Comes with a 6" hardwood stand to create an attractive display. Grow in bright filtered light and soak in water twice a week.


L6546 Reg. $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Fire Lily 'Good Hope' 
(Clivia miniata hybrid )
'Good Hope' is a new clivia cultivar that has the wide leaves of the European hybrids but with large clusters of clear yellow blooms.  It's highly sought after by clivia growers for its many desirable features.  5" pot.


R2297-5 Reg. $29.95
Sale: $24.95
California Ming Aralia (Polyscias hybrid)
This indestructible houseplant is ideal for the home environment because it's hard to kill.  The fine, frilly leaves create a nice full specimen.  Grow in partial sun to shade - it even thrives in full-shade areas. This is a large plant in a 6" pot.


R2358-6 Reg. $19.95
Sale: $16.95
Logee's Sunrise Succulent Collection
Succulents are a Logee's favorite because of their easy-care and unusual color and shapes.  This Collection includes 5 succulents (as shown in the photo) each in a 2.5" pot as well as Logee's soil and a terracotta planting bowl.  The Logee's Succulent Collection adds color to any well-lit spot in the home.


X9040-5 Reg. $29.95
Sale: $24.95
Money Tree Plant
(Pachira aquatica)
Thought to bring good fortune and luck to any home where it resides, the Money Tree Plant has 5 braided stems and 5 leaves on each branch symbolizing well-balanced energy (Feng Shui) in the home. Shipped in a 4" pot.


L6529-4 Reg. $14.95
Sale: $12.95
Copper Wall Garden
This 6" x 6" copper grow box has a coconut fiber liner that keeps plants in place and sphagnum moss on the inside as the planting medium.  The removable top allows you to water plants easily.  The Copper Wall Garden includes an Aloe 'Christmas Carol' and Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' as shown in the photo.


Copper Wall Garden
Reg. $49.95

Sale: $44.95
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'Little Gem'
Reg. $7.95

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