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Id you have been using the EAT CLEAN DO's DON'T's and SOMETIMES TOOL that I introduced in Lesson 3, you know that decreasing processed foods is one of the "BIG GOALS" you should be aiming to achieve.  Read on to find out what counts as a "processed food" and the things you should be eating instead! 




LESSON #10 - What counts as processed food anyways?

My intention this week was to review the entire EAT CLEAN DO's DON'Ts and SOMETIMES TOOL however, as I started making my notes I realized that the first "BIG GOAL" towards lean eating (decreasing processed foods) needed a lesson all of its own........

 CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEK's CHEAT NOTES and see the video below:

Eat Clean 10-What counts as
Eat Clean 10-What counts as "processed food" anyways?

NEXT WEEK:  Review of Goals #2 and 3 from the Eat Clean Do's Don'ts and Sometimes and tips on how to assess your success in making your nutrition changes.

Plus....BONUS!!!  Athlete travel shopping list of pre/post workout fuel for the road 

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