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Unless you have been Rip Van Winkle you likely know about the Chic-Fil-A debate going on across the US.


Liberals and homosexuals have decided that the solution to that pesky 1st Amendment is to bludgeon any company that dares to take a conservative view with the loss of commerce.


Take a stand as pro-life and your company might not get a zoning variance in Chicago.


Take a stand for traditional marriage and you won't get a building permit in San Francisco.


Take a stand for anything a liberal doesn't like and be prepared for the loss of your building license.


In the case of Chic-Fil-A ( or the CEO stated his support for traditional marriage.  Good for him.


So, like clockwork, Democrats in major cities started refusing to approve their zoning or threatened to run them out of town on a rail if they dared to open up a fast food joint in their city (San Francisco).


The conservative equivalent would be the Charlotte City Council banning a new Bank of America branch because  it was 'pro-homosexual' or North Carolina denying a business license to ''  ( for its opposition to the recently passed 'Marriage Amendment'.


Can you imagine the protests from the left. Yet, the angry leftists have decided that an American's ability to buy and sell is subject to their whims. They believe that they have the right to cull from the ranks of American business those that express a conservative viewpoint and that their politicians can deny conservative businesses the very right to exist.


Now, I am all for people boycotting companies that they feel are acting inappropriately but I believe that individuals can choose whether to eat at Chic-Fil-A or not (or bank at BofA or not). For government (any government on the left or right) to ban (or try to ban) a company from commerce for their political leanings is beyond troubling. If Chicago wants to stop taxpayer funding for a group because their views don't reflect the majority that is one thing; denying them the ability to make a living is way over the line unless the commerce is illegal. Selling Chicken Sandwiches doesn't seem to fall into that catagory.


When people talk about the angry left and hostility of homosexual groups towards mainsteam America - think of this incident when you go vote this November.


So, tomorrow - EAT-MOR-CHIKIN  !



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