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Advancements in Echocardiography are In The News.
  • Cardiovascular Credentialing International CME Policy Change Announced
  • Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals News On Interventional Echocardiography
  • American Society of Echocardiography Magazine "The Echo" Describes The Use of Echo In Transcatheter Structural Interventions
  • Echo-Web has just gotten bigger with more courses and better design!  

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Career News - What Is Happening In Our World of Sonography
Cardiovascular Credentialing International Changes CME Policy

J ust released and effective immediately, CCI has announced a big policy change.  The new policy on CME Submission states, " CCI will no longer require submission of continuing education activity documentation for all credential holders."  

The bulletin signals a change in requirements, "Registrants are not required to submit continuing education documentation unless notified by CCI to do so. It is recommended that ALL credential holders maintain continuing education documentation through the next triennial renewal cycle end date. CCI reserves the right to request these documents."

Click Here To See The Actual Announcement. 

New Trend In Invasive Echocardiography?

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals has highlighted a trend in the merging of echocardiography and cardiac intervention in the cardiac catheterization lab.  This is like to create
a new career path.

The article titled " CARDIAC CATH TEAM GETS A NEW MEMBER. DEFINING A NEW SUB-SPECIALTY: INTERVENTIONAL ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY" where echo and cath lab work together for invasive transcatheter procedures.

Read The Article Here! 
ASE's "The Echo" Describes Role Of Echocardiography In Transcatheter Structural Interventions 

More medical centers are using echocardiography prior to, during, and following interventional procedures to assess cardiac function post-procedure.  Echo provides immediate and low-risk assessment of transcatheter procedures which include Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), Atrial Septal Closure Devices, and deployment of complicated coronary stent scenarios.  Some stents have implemented markers for ultrasound detection in proper placement of the devices.

Read The Article in the American Society of Echocardiography Website's Issue of " THE ECHO" on page 24.

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Nov 17 - 20
Mayo Clinic Update in Echocardiography: Role of Echo from Prevention to Intervention 2016
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