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Making Wisconsin Home
April, the Municipality, pg. 6

WHEDA Local Govt Listening Sessions Coming Soon
The WHEDA staff wants to know what your municipality needs to thrive and how they can help. They are holding 10 listening sessions throughout the state in partnership with the League. Local elected officials and staff will be receiving an invitation directly from WHEDA. Look for it in your inbox.  

2017 WHEDA Foundation Housing Grant Program 
The application is due May 5 for this cycle of WHEDA Foundation grants. Grant funds totaling $500,000 will be awarded to support the development or improvement of housing facilities in Wisconsin for low-income persons with special needs. This Fund will support two separate housing competitions: Emergency/Transitional category, and Permanent category. Learn more here... 

"Clip Out and Save" Are you looking for an easy way to access the many resources listed on page 13 of April the Municipality?  We posted them all to our website on the new Housing page.  Find them here...
What WHEDA Brings to Your Community 
April, the League's Local Perspective

On the League's April Local Perspective we learn more about how WHEDA is working to promote economic development and housing in Wisconsin from Brian Schimming, Chief Operating Officer and William Martin, Director, Business and Community Engagement & Senior Program Officer, WHEDA Foundation. 

Proclaim May 13-20 Creative Economy Week 

You can adopt the proclamation and then take it a few steps farther and make it a party, recognize a small business, a musician or artist, read a book at the library, hand out chalk... or take an existing event and call it part of Creative Economy Week.

The League is celebrating the Creative Economy in partnership with Arts Wisconsin.  

You can adapt the Proclamation to fit your municipality.   Find it here...
Worried about the Property Tax Shift to Residential? 
April, the Municipality, page 15 

Two strategies being employed by certain retailers result in a tax shift to homeowners and Main Street businesses. The League is working on legislation that would clarify the rules and provide for fair valuations.  We'll be asking you to contact your Legislators very soon to stop the shift.  Please stay tuned.  

Dark Store Tax Loophole Resource page... 

Overturn the Walgreens Decision Resource page... 
Win-Win for You and... 

Rescued Wood takes your EAB infected Ash trees and turns them into useful building supplies. The program is good public relations for municipalities who are facing citizen push back to the idea of cutting down trees and also helps to fund Habitat for Humanity projects.    

The program won  the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council's Project Partnership award. While it started in Washington County, Habitat is hoping to expand the project across Wisconsin. Learn more here... 

Interested?  Contact Sara Kierzek, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of WI

While Habitat for Humanity is known for building houses, they also have an Aging in Place program, providing critical repairs for low-income seniors and often go in to communities post-disaster to assist low-income homeowners with recovery.  
The Village of Somers Joint Review Board. Appointed July 6, 2015 (Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson from the Somers website.)  
New TIF Reporting Requirement
April, the Municipality, page 26

2015 Wisconsin Act 257 requires that any political subdivision with a tax incremental district (TID) file an annual report with all overlapping taxing jurisdictions and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR). Additionally, a meeting of the Joint Review Board must be convened to review the annual report and to review the performance and status of each of the political subdivision's TIDs.

Read the article by Todd Taves, Senior Municipal Advisor, Ehlers on page 26 of the April, the Municipality.  
Additional resources & articles:

State Assembly committee passes package of GOP bills to address homelessness
Read more here...

Who Will Buy Baby Boomers' Homes?
Years ago, housing experts predicted a housing crisis brought on by "the great senior sell-off." But the seniors aren't selling-yet. Read more here... 

Would-be Janesville renters face slim options, waiting lists "According to U.S. Census Bureau data, Janesville had about 5,000 more renters in the market in 2015 than 2009. And as of 2015, the estimated stock of vacant rental properties had fallen to a mere 222 units."  Read more here... 

The power of urban living: Relying on multifamily housing to transform a former paper-mill town Read more here...

Home in America: Immigrants and Housing Demand by the Terwilliger Center for Housing at the Urban Land Institute. Read more here... 

The US Census Bureau's housing data present a comprehensive picture of housing in America. You'll find a wide range of data on the size, age and type of American homes; home values, rents and mortgages, the housing and construction industry, and more here...

Community and Housing Resources by the National League of Cities (NLC) 
Cities today face varying challenges with housing and creating welcoming neighborhoods for their demographically diverse residents. NLC offers resources and tools to help you cultivate communities that not only meet the needs of your diverse residents, but welcome them and offer a sense of place.   Access the resources for communities large and small here... 

Community & Housing subtopics on the NLC website include:

Registration is OPEN! 

Municipal Govt & Utility Day in the State Capitol is May 10
Please join us in advocating for your municipality. You do not need to be a member of the League's Lobby Team to join us. A luncheon only registration is also available. Details and registration are here.

The League's Local Government 101: Important Basics is a 1-day workshop providing a basic framework for governing to both new city and village officials and staff and those who want to brush up on their knowledge of local governance.  Workshops are in Pewaukee on May 5, Madison on May 12, Eau Claire on May 19 and Green Bay on June 2.  Registration is  here. 
The League's Clerks, Treasurers & Finance Officers Institute is June 21-23 at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point.  Details, including the full agenda and registration are  here.

The League's 119th Annual Conference is October 18-20 in Appleton. We are working ahead this year which means that you can register now for this popular conference. Check out the Wednesday morning Deep Dives and special events. A full schedule of workshops and events will be released soon. Registration is available on our website  here

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