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March 2016
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(above) nearly $200 million investment, hundreds of skilled construction jobs , over 100 permanent high paying  jobs, recently completed in the USA.  

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic Development Arguments by Paperitalo Publications. In this edition, we discuss taxes and heavy industry.

Jim Thompson
Tax season 
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In the U.S., we're in tax season as Tax Day is exactly one month away, Tuesday, 18 April 2017.

Speaking of taxes, a city in British Columbia is looking to relieve the tax burden on heavy industry. Kamloops council members and supporters of the plan believe that these measures may encourage companies like Domtar and Tolko to invest more in their respective facilities.

It was reported that the measures include a cap on the dollar figure collected from heavy industry in Kamloops at $6.2 million and a cap on the mill rate so it doesn't go higher than the current rate. Kamloops currently has the highest heavy industry tax rate by far when compared to communities of a similar size. Those in favor of the motion pointed out with the caps in place, Domtar and others are more likely to update local sites, making them more efficient, environmentally-friendly and likely to remain in Kamloops.

Perhaps these folks are aware of the state of pulp, paper and forest products industry in the state of Maine in the U.S.

Paper companies in Maine employed more than 5,700 in 2011, but lost more than 2,300 jobs in five years with the closing of mills in Bucksport, Old Town, East Millinocket, Lincoln and Madison.
We've said this before, but it's always a good idea to take care of what you have ... before it's gone. Making sure a city's tax rate is favorable to surrounding areas is one way to do this.


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