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May 16, 2017

This is the final sprint until summer break. Who will be happier, the kids or the teachers? And who will be happier to get back at the end of the summer?
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June 7: Learn how to use games to help students overcome the mental and physical effects of childhood exposure to traumatic events like witnessing violence, living in fear of deportation, experiencing a natural or man-made disaster. More...

June 14: Shannon Miller returns to discuss how you can help your students, classes, schools, and libraries become future ready. More...

June 15: We have all struggled to support students that don't speak up, while other students monopolize discussions. Sandi Novak will lead our discussion on giving voice to ALL students. More...

What you might have missed:
  • Patrick Cerria showed techniques for using music and movement to bypass student resistance to learning.
  • Tammie Schrader discussed how to plan and run a game jam.
  • Rebecca Stobaugh and Janet Tassell walked us through practical methods to improve instruction by incorporating real-world instrucitonal tasks that include cognitive complexity, student engagement, and technology integration.
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There were 3500 people at this year's ASUGSV conference, most of whom were either looking to raise money, invest money, show off the money they'd raised, or feed off the companies who had raised money. This is really a conference to meet and hear from EdTech businesses.  Is education really about the students, or should we just follow the money? More...

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