August / Sept. 2017 Dream Journal
Cambodian Community Dream Organization
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Education Dreams Fulfilled
While the kids in the West are already Back to School, summer vacation for Cambodian students is in full swing. Their new school year starts in November.
Thanks to our generous donors, all of our 24 high school scholarship students are funded for the next school year.
This fall a group of 9 new village scholars will join our first ever university student Malis Oeurn, starting their university studies in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
We remember the pride of the parents of our first university student at our secondary school education meeting. The whole auditorium clapped for them and their daughter. Now 9 more families will be experiencing pride and hope for the future of their children and the whole family.
When our students apply to University and for governmental and our scholarships they always express a strong wish and intent that they will help their parents and younger siblings when they are able to secure a good paying job with their higher education.
A special thanks to Louly & Bill Williams who funded 5 new high school students and Daniel Chiong who continues to sponsor his 4 high school students who will now be going on to University. You are Dream Makers and helping change the lives of many.
Results of the statewide government high school final exams that are just in and show that our scholarship students work hard and also have a good basis from our enhanced elementary and secondary school education. Many are in the top of their class and nation.
Education is the key to the growth of Cambodia. It costs us $150 per year per child to run our village school education program, providing English classes, computer lab, sports and library. This is less than 50 cents per day.
Won't you consider paying to educate a child and inspire them to dream and succeed? Donate Here.
On the Ground Report
Ordinary people can do
extraordinary things
that make a difference
in the world,
one child at a time.
Kevin & Son drilling a well.
Winter Half Marathon in Siem Reap
Calling all runners to help celebrate our 10th year anniversary. Compete in the Half Marathon on 3 December and help raise funds for our education program. We have secured 5 spots for runners, so come with team and run or sponsor our Cambodian Executive Director Leangsang Hoy. You could say he has his heart and his legs in his job. Please contact us at: if you would like to run or sponsor.

Thanks to Our Fabulous Donors
A special thanks to Beth & Kevin Hoffman from Boston. They visited CCDO in Siem Reap and helped build water wells and latrines in July. They were so impressed with our organization that they have now donated $8,500 to build more latrines and wells. Beth wrote a wonderful testimony on Great NonProfits about our work and her involvement.
Beth’s Statement: “Our experience with CCDO has been top notch every step of the way. We traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia and were looking to give back to the community we were visiting and do some hands on service. The organization was easy to coordinate with and provided a great experience. From seeing what they do first hand, we can earnestly say they are truly dedicated to helping those truly in need, they work hard to make donations go as far as possible to do the most good, they deeply care about their work, and they are incredible at accountability.”
Volunteers & Visitors
We are happy to have with us a long time volunteer Caterina from Italy, who brings with her a passion for justice and sense of right. She has some great ideas for Facebook as well as developing the donor videos. See her work here.
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