Math Strong. College Ready.

At ALearn, we believe, as Nelson Mandela, stated,

 "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to
change the world."

We aim to change the world, hundreds of students at a time. Focusing on prospective first-generation college students from underserved backgrounds. ALearn seeks to close the opportunity gap which keeps so many students from low-income backgrounds from attending and successfully completing college. Education is the weapon of social and economic justice.
2015 was indeed a great year at ALearn:
  • 1,526 students filled 62 different classes at 25 school sites.
  • 80% of students in ALearn's Algebra 1 class passed and accelerated to Geometry in their freshman year, putting them a full year ahead of where they would have been.
  • 86% of ALearn's Geometry students accelerated into Algebra II as freshmen, putting them on the path to Calculus.
  • 96% of ALearn students from our second Catalyst classes graduated from high school, whereas only 75% of their peers graduated in 2014.
  • 76% of these same students were college eligible upon graduation in 2014, compared to 26% of their peers.
  • 92% of these students were from low-income backgrounds, and 83% were students of color.
We've built a learning organization of dedicated professionals who partner with public school districts, their teachers, students and counselors, to increase underserved students' access to high quality, blended learning programs. With the help of a stellar Board, we have developed a solid and diverse revenue base that allows us to grow every year and serve even more students.
In 2016, we have plans for plenty of innovation.
  • Thanks to a grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, we are introducing our new Catalyst to College program helping students throughout their high school career.
  • We initiated several new partnerships with non-profits - Bayshore Christian Ministries, Building Futures Now, and Unity Care - in East Palo Alto and San Jose which will allow ALearn programs to reach even more students.
  • We continue to evolve in ways that increase our quality of leverage our resources cost effectively.
We invite you to see our impact by viewing our 2015 Annual Report.

Join us in the ALearn mission to change the lives of prospective first-generation college students from underserved backgrounds.