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October 13,  2016

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Alan Kilpatrick
Wednesday, October 19 | 12 - 1PM 
Having access to the law gives members of our society the tools needed to make informed decisions.  Unfortunately, access to justice has become a major issue in Canada.  Legal services have become increasingly unaffordable and inaccessible.  In a 2013 report, the Canadian Bar Association called access to justice in Canada abysmal and inequitable.  

Libraries can play an important role in improving access to justice.  A 2010 survey conducted by Courthouse Libraries BC estimated that public libraries in British Columbia receive about 35,000 legal reference questions from the public every year.  Libraries are a natural place to connect with members of the public who have legal information needs.  Join Alan Kilpatrick, the Reference Librarian at Law Society of Saskatchewan Library, for this session exploring basic legal resources for librarians.        
Participants will learn about searching case law, legislation, and legal resources, including CanLII and the National Self-Represented Litigants Project.  Importantly, participants will leave this session with greater confidence, knowledge, and legal literacy to assist library patrons seeking legal information or assistance.  
Richard Anderson
Thursday, October 20  | 2 - 3PM
This summer the Vaughan Public Library offered a hands-on iStorytime pilot program. In addition to established storytime activities - rhymes and songs - participating families were provided iPads. Interactive eBooks were read and engaged with together.

The program's successes and challenges will be considered, along with a discussion on the interactive ebooks presented and thoughts on how this program may evolve into the future.
Kathy Reid-Naiman
Thursday, November 10  | 1 - 2PM 
Songs, stories fingerplays, silly rhymes, tongue twisters and chants to teach children about the benefits and importance of bees in a world that is becoming harder for the bees. Learn about bee anatomy, beekeepers, the different kinds and colours of honey, the amount of honey a bee produces, the different types of bees, and their social aspects.
Kelly Thompson & Karen DeLuca
Thursday, November 17 | 2 - 3PM 
Is your adult demographic being left behind? Do you offer fantastic children's and teen programs, but are missing out on everyone else? Do you wonder if it's possible to incorporate programs for adults and seniors without getting completely overwhelmed? Then this is the session for you!
Jessica Veldman
Tuesday, December 6 | 2 - 3PM 
Wellington County Library was one of the first libraries in Canada to offer mobile internet hotspots to patrons, using funding from the Ontario Libraries Capacity of Fund from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Specifically targeting rural communities, this project has had a big impact on our community. Learn how we set up and launched the project, challenges and successes, and our future plans. We'll also talk about how you can make use of existing corporate accounts and partnerships to reproduce this project in your own library.
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