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Welcome to the September EVC newsletter!

Welcome to the September Virtual Conversations Newsletter. It has been wonderful to connect with many subscribers at some of the initial community calls (join us for a future one), and at recent presentations such as my recent talk at ICF Converge in Washington DC.
As with other newsletters I have hosted I hope that you will find this a resource rich monthly publication, as well as a vehicle for keeping you posted on upcoming events - both paid and complimentary.

Virtual seems to be everywhere these days. What are you noticing as you have gotten back to your fall (or spring) routine?

In this month's newsletter you'll find:
  • This month's article on five ways to use annotation
  • Program Announcements 
  • Resources you will want to check out to support you in avoiding the Death By Conference Call Mindset.
Resources To Support You In Your Work
In addition to the bi-weekly Community Calls which you can view (5 in total and growing), you may want to check out the weekly Virtual Facilitation Tips at our blogs.

Six Key Skills for Any Virtual Group Coaching Conversation - Coaching Tools article. Click here to read.
If you purchased the book, be sure to check out the 18 downloadable worksheets you have access to. The code is in the first 20 pages of your book! Pick up an autographed copy here.

Article: Five ways to use annotation
Annotation is an under-utilized mechanism in many virtual contexts, and can be very appealing for those learners/group members who are more experientially and kinesthetically inclined. In other words, those that like to learn through doing, and learn hands-on.
Annotation is simply getting people to mark up the screen during a call.
Many virtual platforms have annotation as an option or something you can "add on"  or activate with an account.
Curious as to how you might be able to use it - consider these ideas and related questions you might ask your group
1.       Where are you? - Map yourself on the map
2.       Where are you on the continuum? Have people mark where they are on any continuums you are speaking about
3.       Which one represents... - S howing photos related to your topic,  mark up which one do you connect with
4.       What do you think? Pose a question and get people to turn to annotation (pen or text) to share their thoughts.
5.       Select your choice - provide different choices and have people mark their selection (great alternative to polls which can be bulky to insert)

What other ways might you use to incorporate annotation into your work?

Upcoming Programs:
Our  next Virtual Facilitation Essentials five-week teleclass which starts on Mondays as of October 2nd (Mondays 1:45 - 3 pm ET). We'll be exploring:
  • The foundations of creating engaging virtual learning (webinars, teleclasses, group and team coaching)
  • The Triad: Building Trust, safety and connection
  • Creating Engagement Through Breakouts, Annotation and other techniques
  • Building Your Toolkit12 new activities for the virtual space
  • Platform considerations
  • Tricky Issues and how to deal with them
The program includes 5 x 75 interactive webinars,  resource rich module notes, worksheets and some laser 1-1 calls. Cost: $450 US. Space is limited to 6.

The Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive (VFSI) - a 15 hour train-the-trainer which includes both content and practice to support you in becoming a more masterful virtual facilitator. I offer this program 2-3 times a year and the fall program will be starting mid-October. It is likely to be a Monday afternoon program running from 3:15 - 5:15 Eastern.   Contact me for more details. We'll be meeting for 7.5 weeks of 2 hour calls. In addition to key topics around engagement, exercises, group process, and skills for Masterful Virtual Facilitation, each participant leads us through a practicum element, receiving feedback on their skills.
The fall program will have 7.5 hours of 2 hour interactive webinars, resource rich binder, and some 1-1 laser calls (3 during program of 15 min each). Space is limited.
Cost: $950 US

Mentor Coaching Group
For those that are coaches renewing their ICF credential, or working towards their ACC or PCC, the next Mentor Coaching Group will start on Monday September 25th running to end of December with calls held on Mondays 10 - 11 am Eastern/New York. This 10 hour program meets the requirements of the ICF for mentor coaching for ACC/PCC. Learn more
Register and pay in one installment of $1000 US:

Questions? Please email me or call me at (416)996-8326
I have had a number of inquiries as to if we would be offering sales directly. Yes, you can now purchase books personally autographed by me from our Potentials Realized store, or you can purchase at Amazon in either print (soft-cover) as well as Kindle. Click here to order your copy. Please email me for bulk purchase orders.

Twice a month this fall I will be hosting complimentary Effective Virtual Conversation community calls on a range of practitioner topics including:
6 activities to open and close sessions (Monday September 25 at 11:05 am ET)
Making Breakouts Sizzle! (Monday October 2 at 11:05 am ET)
Marketing Virtual Programs (Monday October 15)

Calls are held at Download a full copy of the community call schedule and join us during these times for content-rich presentations, and ideas to move your own work forward.

Looking forward to having you drop in. If you know of others who might also benefit from this newsletter, please forward. Thank you!

Best wishes,

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