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July 2012

Yes, that's right!  This issue goes from national news to a super local recipe. First, read about the national environmental news program, Living on Earth, which featured Egleston Square Main Street's work to help small businesses reduce their energy consumption.  Then, check out a great local recipe, made with ingredients from local gardens and local stores.  And of course, check out all the great events coming up!  
Phew...lots of information...let's get started!    
Egleston featured on 
PRI's Living on Earth!

Living on Earthis the weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International.  Every week, approximately 300 Public Radio stations across the country broadcast the show, feature interviews and commentary on a broad range of ecological issues.
And this week's show features Egleston Square's businesses and the work they've done to reduce energy consumption! 


That's right! Last year, thanks to the Renew Boston program, a program supported by stimulus funding and a great collaboration with the City of Boston, local energy companies and local contractors, small businesses received free energy audits and free installation of energy reduction hardware, including energy efficient lightbulbs, thermostats and more.

To explore the impact of the Renew Boston program, Living on Earth's reporter Jeff Young toured Egleston with Executive Director Betsy Cowan. The conversation focused on the unique value of Renew Boston for smaller businesses, given that it allowed them to implement expensive energy efficiency hardware at no-cost, thereby reaping the energy efficiency benefits which more established small businesses can access.  
They first bumped into Officer Carlos Martinez as he rode through the district on an electric police vehicle.  Carlos spoke of the importance of Renew Boston to reduce energy costs for small businesses.  
They then visited several local merchants, including Manuel Feliz from Boston Express, who noted the value of learning about the program through Egleston Square Main Street, a trusted organization.  He noted that so many people visit businesses offering scams that are too good to be true. Learning about this program from ESMS staff gave him the confidence to participate, and he has significantly reduced his energy costs.  


Other business owners told the same story, stressing the importance of on the ground outreach for these effective programs.  
Want to see the impacts of the program for yourself?  Visit Egleston's local businesses, now brighter, more efficient and more viable, thanks to this important program.  


And visit Living on Earth's website to check out the show.  (*Click on the third segment, "Weatherization Projects" for audio and text.  The story on Egleston begins at minute 4:15.*) 




Thanks to Living on Earth for highlighting such a valuable program and giving Egleston such well-deserved positive press!
Local Summer Recipe! 

 It's summertime...and the eating is easy, cause it's LOCAL!


Want to make a delicious, healthy meal but don't have much time?  


Local Egleston resident George Anastos has the solution!  He found all the ingredients for this meal in his local community garden and at local stores! 
Lemon Garlic Tofu
George says, "One of my favorite recipes is Lemon Garlic tofu. I was excited to find a wonderful place right near Egleston Square that makes wonderful, firm tofu.  Here is my recipe using ingredients right from my home garden and neighborhood."


You will need:  
Tofu (from 21st Century Foods Inc. 30A Germania St. JP
Garlic (From your garden or local store)
Grape Tomatoes (From your garden or store)
Brown Rice (From a local bodega)
Spinach (From your garden or local store)
Canola Oil ( From a local bodega)
Salt (optional) (From a local bodega)


You can bake in an oven or on stove top. For either stove top or oven, put enough Canola oil to cover the bottom of the pan. 


Cut two lemons per one small firm block of tofu. Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the oil. 
Add chopped garlic to taste. 
Cut the tofu in cubes. 
Preheat over to 350, or turn on the stove top.
Place the tofu in the the pan. 
Oven directions: 
Bake 20 mins. Check every 10 mins to make sure tofu is browning on all sides, by flipping it over with a spatula. 
On stove top cook the spinach and tomatoes in Canola oil. You can add some lemon if desired.
Stove top directions: 
Add tofu to hot oil. Cover for 10 mins. Add Spinach and tomatoes and cover again for another 10.
Cook rice on store or on stovetop.  
When all is cooked add it to the rice on your plate. You can substitude pasta for rice if desired.


I'm getting hungry already!  


Have another recipe you'd like to share?  Email us!    
     Egleston Square News!

Egleston Square Merchants' Meeting

Wednesday, July 18th at 9am

Pin Bochinche Restaurant

3160 Washington Street


Circle the City

Open Streets, Open Parks


July 15th between 

Franklin Park & Jamaica Pond 


Egleston Square 

Neighbors Night Out 

Thursday August 23rd 5-8pm

Egleston Square YMCA

Youth performances

Kids' activities


Basketball tournament

& MORE!   



Check out the Egleston Square calendar here for all the events happening in Egleston! 

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Betsy Cowan
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