Part of the 2017 litter of red wolf pups born at    Wolf Haven
Yes, I believe that red wolves belong in this country. Please accept my contribution toward the care of these iconic North American wolves!

All in the FAMILY

Pup with kibble feeder

Pup discovers adult feeder

Mom with pups
Mom (F1945) with a couple
of her pups
An American icon disappears

What is more American than the bald-eagle? How about the iconic red wolf? This sleek, elegant canid is native to North America, with a historical range that once ran throughout the southeastern U.S., from Pennsylvania to Florida and as far west as Texas. And then they were almost gone.

Dad (M1482) with some pups
Many people have never heard of the red wolf and don't realize how critically endangered it is. Aggressive predator control, habitat loss and hybridizing with coyotes reduced the population to 14 wolves by the late 1970s. Only the Endangered Species Act prevented their complete extermination, and in 1980, red wolves were declared extinct in the wild. Today, as a result of a federally managed Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) program, there are about 200 red wolves living in captivity and fewer than 35 living in the wild.

Family water buckets
Many mouths to feed

Two red wolves at Wolf Haven, F1945 (Nash) and M1482 (Tala), had their first litter of pups last year and a second litter of eight this year. That means that we are providing a home to a family group of 14 red wolves (in addition to the other 54 wolves living at Wolf Haven)! 

No funding provided

We are proud to be a part of this captive breeding program - however, we do so at our own cost.  Visitors are stunned to learn that Wolf Haven doesn't receive any federal funding to support our participation in this program. 

While Wolf Haven is excited about the back-to-back litters of these red wolf parents, it adds up to a LOT of mouths to feed. The extra costs of the red wolf SSP are in addition to regular sanctuary expenses for our other rescued residents. But we think that they are worth it - and we know you do too. 

Can you please help us with the specialized care that
we provide these critically endangered animals? 

Do you also believe that red wolves belong in this country? Thank you in advance for your contribution toward the care of these iconic North American wolves and all the other wolves we care for in our sanctuary! 

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