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Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Grassley-Blumenthal Financial Abuse Bill
The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday passed the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act, designed to help reduce financial exploitation against older Americans through expanded education, prevention and prosecution tools. S.3270 was introduced by Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and passed the committee by a voice vote without objection.

"This is one of the most comprehensive and meaningful bills ever developed to address the rapidly increasing problem of elder financial abuse in America," EJC National Coordinator Bob Blancato said in July when the bill was introduced. The EJC endorsed the bill and worked closely with Sen. Grassley's office during its consideration, including submitting language changes.

In a press release, Grassley said, "Crimes targeting America's senior citizens are widespread and have impacted families across the country including Iowa.  As more and more Americans age and become targets of these crimes, law enforcement, seniors and their caregivers must be better equipped to prevent and respond. The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act takes meaningful steps to deter criminals seeking to exploit seniors and hold accountable those who do."

"The unconscionable scourge of elder abuse is all too common in our country. It's an issue that notably hit home in Connecticut with the tragic case of Purple Heart recipient Robert Matava. This national hero deserved the utmost care during his senior years, but instead he was defrauded by those he trusted most. Our bipartisan legislation, a portion of which is named in Matava's honor, is now one step closer to raising awareness, improving prevention, and increasing prosecution in order to combat this shameless crime," Sen. Blumenthal said in his press release.

An updated summary of the bill can be found here, and updated text of the bill can be found here.
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