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What Does the Election Mean for Public Schools?

AERO Schedule for Black, Small Business, Cyber and Giving Days
As ironic as this is for entering the Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa seasons, AERO does need the income to keep going, so we're jumping into the fun!

We're offering several things that would definitely never be offered at any other time of year and one thing that we've never told you about before and is very dear to my heart. 

On Black Friday print books will be 40% off and e books will be 50% off! There will be some other specials and brand new and exclusive books. 

On Small Business Saturday people will be able to sign up to audit the school starter course at 75% off!

On Cyber Monday AERO membership will be half price, including half price for banner memberships. 

On giving Tuesday we'll tell you a unique story and give you something never seen before for a donation to AERO. 

Day 1 - Black Friday November 25th
  • Books 40% off
  • Massive E-book Sale
  • Exclusive e-book and book sale


Day 2 - Small Business Saturday November 26th
  • Books 30% off
  • ΒΌ Price Audit the SAS Course
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Day 3 - Cyber Monday November 28th
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Day Four - Giving Tuesday November 29th
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First Podcast listeners Grow!
We've now had a big influx of listeners to our first podcast. And the next one is being readied for release. 

Here are some reactions:

"I just listened to it from start to finish, and it is excellent, fascinating and practical. I will share it at the relevant communities." - Tami

From "Congratulations Jerry! I think the podcast idea is inspired. "

From Poland:  It is great that you've started the podcast. I was trying to find something like this and there were not many on you tube. So - great idea! I'm looking forward to new ones!"

" Home schoolers, un-schoolers, democratic schoolers, etc., are always fearful that if they don't go to a "regular" school, they'll never be accepted to a college or university. This interview should put them at ease." - Ira

If you missed the first podcast here's the information on it again:

We have now created the first AERO podcast
The first podcast consists of three interviews on the topic of how homeschooled and alternative school graduates go through the process of applying to colleges, what happens when they get in, as well as financial considerations. We interviewed an actual admissions director of an alternative college, an author/expert of the whole process and the questions to expect from admissions Counselors, and the director of an alternative high school with his perspective. 

You can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe on soundcloud here.
The Podcast can also be found on iTunes, and since most podcast apps pull from the iTunes database most of the popular podcast apps on Android and ios such as Podcast Addict (Android),  Pocket Casts (both), and  Overcast (ios) will have it. Just search "Education Revolution" and it should pop up. This will allow you to download and take episodes with you wherever you go.

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By Richard M. Long

The election results represent two waves of change.  It isn't simply that the government will shift its policies and emphasis under soon-to-be President Trump and a Republican Congress; there also has been a release of an ugly stream of fear, hate, and aggression. Both are hitting people in different ways.

Education was not a major-or even a second-tier-issue in this election, but what little we know about the Trump administration's ideas for K-12 education policy show that the administration wants to leverage federal dollars using a different focus and different tools. The Republicans have long championed changing the focus of decision making from the federal government to parents. We can expect that the new Administration and Congress will try to change federal policy to redirect money from schools to individuals in the forms of school choice, portability, vouchers, and/or tax breaks.  

This isn't as simple as it sounds. The challenge will be in determining how what sounds like big money --$20 billion -- will translate when it is divided by the millions of children now receiving Title I funds. It will bring up questions of who is Title I eligible or whether a minuscule amount should be spread among all the nation's more than 50 million public schoolchildren, plus those who are homeschooled or attend private or parochial schools. Another question: How will a change in control and funding streams impact students with an IEP?

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Schools That Work

Alanna Clark still remembers the stress of third-grade reading time. When her class read books together aloud, Alanna would often become confused. She didn't understand how her classmates could answer the teacher's questions about the book so quickly. As they did, Alanna was still just trying to take in the words.

"It was frustrating, because I used to think, maybe I'm reading the wrong part," she said. "But I wasn't."

Alanna had a reading disability, and she was falling behind. Her mother repeatedly asked the school for help, without success - and then began to fear that a pattern was repeating itself. Alanna's sister, who was 12 years older, had also struggled in school. But schools kept promoting her, until she eventually made it to community college, where, unprepared, she flunked.

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