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Our eight part Ray Marston series on Bipolar Transistors ends this week. But, based on the comments and stats, it seems that a lot of you really enjoyed it and want more. So, being the generous types that we are, we're gonna give it to you! But we want YOU to have a say in what comes next. Here are the options:

  • A two part series on - Using Seven-Segment Displays
  • A three part series on - Using Voltage Reference And Temperature Sensor ICs 
  • A four part series on - FET Principles And Circuits
  • A five part series on - Understanding Digital ICs

So, just click the link below, if you want to cast your vote. We're listening.


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ElectromagneticCoil Gun


Electromagnetic Coil Gun Project
Will futuristic technology make gunpowder a thing of the past?
A coil gun is a type of rifle that uses an electromagnetic accelerator coil or a series of coils to create a strong magnetic field to accelerate a metallic projectile. Can you build one? You bet!

Build A Midi To Logic Controller
Build A MIDI To Logic Controller
Convert MIDI on and MIDI off signals to logic levels through either eight independent gate or trigger outputs.
Musicians will find it useful for such things as firing analog music synthesizers, clocking drum sequencers, and synchronizing recorders. With the addition of relays or opto-isolators, it could also form the heart of light shows, home automation rigs, and the like.

Hitec Servos!


Whatever your project requires, Hitec has the servos you need. From our durable titanium HS-7955TG, torque master HSR-2645CR to our waterproof champion HS-1100WP, Hitec servos bring you the dependability and performance you deserve. We Are Your Servo Headquarters.

Transistor Cookbook
A miscellaneous collection of useful transistor circuits and gadgets. Part 8 of 8


We started off this series with basic transistor principles and configurations. Now it's time to wrap it up with a few useful circuits and gadgets. Read It Now!  


What's next? Cast your Vote!  

AVR C Programming Part 8

AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 8  

Interrupts, I/O Registers, and the Butterfly Joystick
When we used the Butterfly joystick with library functions to implement a menu navigation system back in part 6, we didn't go into any details of how the joystick worked. This time, we'll use the joystick again, but as an introduction to AVR interrupts and I/O registers. Exciting, right?

Read It Now!
Build Your Own  Transistor Radios
Book Pick Of The Week 
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Build Your Own Transistor Radios - A Hobbyist's Guide to High-Performance and Low-Powered Radio Circuits
Complete projects with detailed schematics and insights on the designs. Learn how to choose components, construct different types of radios, and troubleshoot your work. Dig even deeper by engineering innovative devices by experimenting with and radically improving existing designs. 

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