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December 28, 2016       
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Water Trail elves working past Xmas

Thank you to Lindsay Chutas with the Spokane Conservation District and Todd Nelson with Timberlake Industries for working past Xmas on the Aubrey White water trail access. Adjacent to the city's wastewater treatment plant, this long-awaited restoration project has arrived for the holidays. After the first week of January, it'll be ready for use. This spring the Forum will be working with SCD, the Northwest Whitewater Association (NWA), and the City of Spokane on some finishing touches and signage.

Said Paul Delaney with NWA, "We're not waiting for spring to use it. You can expect to see us out there in January. It's the cool thing to do."

Web launch just in time for the new year    
Click here to see the Forum's updated web page.

Changes include highlighting our most popular initiatives; making navigation much easier and more intuitive; and sharing lots of pictures showing both the river's beauty and infinite human connections.

Here are some 2016 numbers for keeping people connected to the information they want:
  • Web site: over 28,000 unique visitors annually;
  • Electronic newsletter: each issue sent to over 4,000 e-mail addresses;
  • Facebook: posts are often viewed by more than 7,000 people.
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