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DataLink to the Rescue... Local Law Firm recovers from Hack with Quick Assist
Loss of email from a hack attack can devastate a business, not only interrupting vital workflows, but exposing sensitive information. Understanding what was at stake for a local law firm, DataLink security experts swung into action with counter-measures that stopped the attack in its tracks. 

"As you probably heard, my email was hacked... I am writing to thank you for the terrific job Ben and Jeff did to help us address this crisis. Ben first worked with Deb in our office to identify the problem. Jeff then pitched in and literally worked through the night to stop the hacker, prepare a fix and help us avoid repeats by the hacker or others. We are very grateful for the immediate and successful efforts of your team. I can only imagine the magnitude of the disruption without their help."

- Thomas J. Mulrenin
Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC

Get your IT Security where it needs to be...

DataLink security experts are ready to help you set up effective policies and best practices that can better defend your business against attack.

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Thunderstorms deliver Annual Reminder to assess your Business Continuity plans
Are you sure your business can continue to operate if disaster strikes?

DataLink employs industry leading products with cutting edge technology to provide Disaster Recovery options to fit any business need and budget. Our Disaster Recovery solutions are tailored to your specific business - from data and applications, to office computers, IT infrastructure and telecommunication systems.

40% of small businesses who experience a disaster never recover.

DataLink business continuity experts are ready to build and implement a solution that meets your specific requirements:
  • 24x7 managed data backup provides full backup locally and storage space for a replicated copy off site.
  • On-demand Web based remote access to your critical systems from any available Internet connected computer.
  • Managed SAN storage for all your on-site production data, with replication off-site to data center SAN storage.
  • Virtualization of all non-critical or non-heavy-load systems, and migration to "boot from SAN" for all critical or heavy-load systems.
Don't leave your business assets at risk... DataLink will make sure your systems and network are well protected when disaster strikes.

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Keep a 24x7 Eye on Your Business with Connected Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance technology costs have dropped to the point where even the smallest businesses can afford to implement premises security to safeguard their people and property.

The latest systems can be integrated into any existing wired or wireless business network.  Easy-to-use administration tools allow cameras to be easily viewed and managed from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

High-res Video cameras provide detailed images, even at night. They feature wide visible coverage areas and the ability to "zoom in" with amazing sharpness, making them suited for a broad range of applications, including... 
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Schools and Libraries
  • Commercial Buildings and Government Offices
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail Stores and Parking Lots
  • Banks
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities
DataLink Physical Security experts help you protect what counts...

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Ouch... Lost Laptop & BlackBerry results in $3+ Million HIPAA Fine
The loss of an unprotected BlackBerry and a unencrypted laptop containing the private medical records of 6,200 individuals has resulted in a $3.2 million HIPAA penalty against a Dallas-area hospital.
Federal investigators determined that Children's Medical Center of Dallas ignored repeated advice from internal and external experts - dating back to 2007 - warning about a number of risk factors that jeopardized the security of patient information.
Read the whole story at MSP Mentor
If your organization handles protected health information, HIPAA Gap Analyses and Remediations, annual audits, and quarterly scanning are essential for achieving compliance objectives.  DataLink can help you get where you need to be.
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Hackers extract ransom after locking out guests from their hotel rooms
One of Europe's top hotels has admitted to paying a Bitcoin ransom to cybercriminals who hacked into their electronic key system, locking 180 guests out of their rooms until the money was paid.

The attack also shut down all hotel computers, including the reservation system and the cash desk system.

When the hackers got the money, they unlocked the electronic key system and the hotel's other computers, but left a back door from which to attack the systems again.

Read the full story at The Local AT
Paying a ransom does not always solve the problem... 

If the security of your network and systems, and the potential for loss or damage, is keeping you up at night, DataLink has solutions that are right for your organization.
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