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On Tuesday, May 7th, at the Old Church, the Willamette Writers welcomes Northwest authors Jennie Shortridge and Erica Bauermeister, who will speak to the membership about the paths they follow to reach their creative destinations.

Ms. Shortridge and Ms. Bauermeister, Seattle novelists and writing group partners, have each published acclaimed and bestselling novels. Bauermeister, whose latest novel, Lost Art of Mixing Book Cover The Lost Art of Mixing, follows the lives of characters she first brought to life in The School of Essential Ingredients, has been roundly praised for the poetic acuity in her prose and attention to sensory detail.

Love Water Memory Book Cover Shortridge casts her stories - among four best-selling titles, her latest, Love Water Memory - with emotionally rich characters and voracious dialog.

While their overall approaches to writing differ, they each have a keen ear and sharp eye for detail, and imbue their characters, settings, and language with truth and emotion in their own ways. Come hear these two writer friends share and discuss how they capture telling details and commit them to the page.


For more information on Jennie Shortridge and Erica Bauermeister, please visit their websites at www.jennieshortridge.com and www.ericabauermeister.com.

Google Map to Old Church

The meeting starts at 7 pm, doors open at 6:30 pm. The Old Church is at 1422 SW 11th, 97201, Portland.

Read more in Peter Field's column.

For information about our meetings in Portland, Eugene, Central Point, Salem, and Newport (Oregon Coast) including meeting times, speakers and locations, check out our meetings page.


WW member Phil Margolin signs copies of "Sleight of Hand," 1-3pm, Saturday, April 27th, Fred Meyer, 3030 NE Weidler St.
WW Member Paul Dage reads from his debut novel, Trout Kill, 7 pm, April 22nd, Annie Bloom's Books, www.annieblooms.com

Don Weston reads from Bleeding Blue, his mystery featuring Billie Bly, Tuesday, April 23rd, 7 pm, Tabor-Space, 5441 SE Belmont.

Maryka Biaggio reads from Parlor Games Friday, April 26th, 7 pm, Cedar Mill Community Library, 12505 NW Cornell Rd.


Larry Brooks writes about Beyond Craft... Embracing Greatness on the Willamette Writers Blog. The blog features articles on writing by current and past conference and meeting speakers.

Larry's website, which he calls a cross between a blog and an instructional resource, is at www.storyfix.com. Storyfix delivers the writing advice and coaching Brooks dispenses at his workshops. Subscription is free and ensures delivery of each new entry directly to your email or RRS feed.


For more announcements, visit the WW Bulletin Board. The bulletin board now has a place for members to post their Twitter handles and gain new followers. Follow Willamette Writers at @wilwrite

Member Books


The Anvil of Navarre by Craig English is now available at all ebook retailers.  Leaping from the polished stage of a magnificent theater to the blood-soaked grass of a dueling ground, from the twisted alleys of a grimy city to the glittering throne rooms of three vying nations, The Anvil of Navarre is an epic tale of love, revenge and sexual identity. Strap on your sword, this is the new face of adventure.



Literary Events Logo

Oregon Book Award Author Visits Hood River  


The Oregon Book Awards Author Tour brings Alexis Smith to Hood River on Sunday, May 19.


Oregon Book Awards finalist Alexis Smith will appear at the Hood River library (502 State Street)  for an author talk on Sunday, May 19 at 2:00 p.m.   


Alexis M. Smith grew up in Soldotna, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington.  She holds degrees from Portland State University and Goddard College. She was selected as a finalist in fiction for her debut novel
Glaciers, published by Tin House Books.


"Write Now: Tom Spanbauer, Lidia Yuknavitch and Chuck Palahniuk": PNWA launches the BFA in Writing, 7:30, April 22nd, Pacific Northwst College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson; www.pnca.edu


Late Night Library: Multigenre events with prizes debut books authors and more. 7 pm, Friday, April 26th, Literary Arts, 925 SW Washington st; $5 donation: www.latenightlibrary.org 

   Conference Registration    Opens Early May!

New for the Willamette Writers Conference

The WEB WARRIOR SERIES: Hosted by John Ellis,
Portland Internet Design

Whether you're going the traditional route or self-publishing, you need to know how to get your writing on the Web. This six part series will teach you how to become a successful writer for the Internet. Topics include: SEO writing mechanics, increasing site performance, using keywords, mastering Google+, and so much more.

The Series features:

� Thursday, 3:30 - 4:30 The Web was made for Writers (an overview)

� Friday, 8:30 - Noon Web Professionals Defined/High Performance Web Development

� Saturday, 8:30 -Noon Advanced Keyword Research/Tactical Social Engagement

� Sunday, 8:30 - 10:00 and 3:30 - 4:30 SEO Blogging/Web Warrior Series Wrap Up

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their web devices (iPad, laptop, smart phone, reader, etc.) for hands-on learning. Class size is limited to 60 people so come early.

Free eBooks and raffles for weekend attendees. Follow up materials will be posted on the Willamette Writers website. Get in on the most lucrative opportunity for writers since the invention of the printing press.


Script-to-Screen Has Another Finalist


by Stefan Feuerherdt

OK, so, here's the thing: during our initial judging this past month, we had an email with some script submissions that did the electronic equivalent of falling behind a file cabinet and getting lost. We moved on while we were trying to sort it out, but then finally found the scripts this past week. We quickly asked our judges to reconvene to review the additional scripts, and the result: we have a fifth finalist in our competition!


Please join us in congratulating writer Christine Thackeray, whose comedy script, "When Inspiration Strikes," follows a group of storyteller friends searching for their muses while the deadline of a writing contest looms.


As with the other finalists, Christine now will have the opportunity to discuss her script with our director Christopher Alley and professional screenwriter Randall Jahnson, and the option to submit a rewrite of her script based on those conversations and notes. Christine has until Thursday, April 25 to send in her rewrite, at which point her script will be forwarded on to catch up with the other four finalists already being read by our celebrity judges in Los Angeles.


Our apologies to Christine for the confusion, and to the other finalists for the delay, but we wanted to make sure to give a fair shot to everyone who took the time to submit a script to our contest. Best wishes and good luck to all- we should have a winner to announce in a few weeks!


-Stefan Feuerherdt, Conference Chair




Agent and Film Spotlight


Kim Cameron Kim Cameron 



Taking literature one-on-ones - taking groups with short pitches   
Kimberley Cameron grew up loving books-going to the library was the highlight of her week during her early years. New adventures beckoned behind every spine and now she feels the same way when she reads a manuscript. She wants to fall in love with a writer's words, and she especially likes launching debut fiction authors! She began her literary career as an agent trainee at the Marjel de Lauer Agency in association with Jay Garon in New York. She worked for several years at MGM developing books for motion pictures. She was the co-founder of Knightsbridge Publishing Company with offices in New York and Los Angeles. In 1993 she became partners with Dorris Halsey of The Reece Halsey Agency, founded in 1957. Among its clients have been Aldous Huxley, William Faulkner, Upton Sinclair, and Henry Miller. She opened Reece Halsey North in 1995 and Reece Halsey Paris in 2006, and in 2009 the agency became Kimberley Cameron & Associates. She resides and works from Tiburon, California and Paris, France, with many visits to New York to make the rounds of editorial offices.


Jaret Seth Jaret Seth

Content Engine, CEO 

Taking film one-on-ones - taking groups with short pitches  

Seth Jaret is a media entrepreneur and Hollywood veteran with more than 19 years working in entertainment. He is the Founder/CEO of Content Engine (ContentEngine.tv), a creative media studio that empowers Content Creators to be instruments of their own success in the New Hollywood™. Content Engine's motto "Be the Change" is captured in web series like Hollywood Drive & Talk; its podcasts, articles, interviews and video segments. Seth also runs Jaret Entertainment, a premiere Hollywood literary management company. Its clients' credits include: The Ugly Truth, The House Bunny, Legally Blonde, Whip It, Rounders, Repo Men and AMC's Hell on Wheels. Its writers appear on Variety's "Top Ten Writers to Watch" and Hollywood's "Black List." Seth executive produced seminal teen comedy, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the indie feature, Crazy Kind of Love.

Jaret is looking for: High concept, great ideas with a real "hook" and thoughtful, compelling execution.

Website: http://www.ContentEngine.tv