Email Outreach: An Easy Way to Reach Your Legislators

Do you want a super easy way to reach your legislators to ask for support for our adult education mission? All you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps.  
  1. Click here to access our form and input your contact information and zip code.
  2. When you click "submit," a pre-populated, editable support email appears ready to send.
  3. Click "submit" and the email automatically goes to the correct legislator(s) based on your zip code.
Now share this link with your friends, colleagues, and family so they can spread the word about the Educate & Elevate campaign .

5 Quick Tips: Using the Educate & Elevate Campaign Video as an Effective Communication Tool    
The Educate & Elevate campaign  has a wide range of effective communication tools to raise awareness about the relevancy of adult education. One tool is a short animated video that builds a business case of support for adult education.

Here are five quick tips for using the video to spread the word about the campaign.  
  1. Post a link to the video on your website with a brief description such as "See how adult education improves the lives of adult learners across the country." Place the link on your home page in a "What's New" or "About" section.
  2. If you have a newsletter, promote the video link in a separate stand-alone article or as a standing link in the table of contents or header of the newsletter.
  3. Create social media posts pulling content from the video and using the campaign hashtag #educate&elevate, and post the video on your YouTube Channel if you have one.
  4. Distribute the video link to key stakeholders to inform them about adult education.
  5. If you have any upcoming community presentations, start with the video as your introduction.
News Media Coverage: Campaign Press Release Template
You don't have to be an expert in working with the news media to get coverage for your organization when you leverage the Educate & Elevate Campaign Toolkit. We've developed a press release template  that adult education organizations can use to announce participation in the Educate and Elevate campaign.
How do you use it?
Download the press release template . Key facts that you'll need to complete the template include the following:
  • A quote from your organization's executive director; there is a suggested quote in the press release template.
  • Data that can demonstrate the number of people you serve in your community through adult education programs and/or a human interest story about an adult learner. Make sure you submit the success story of the adult learner to the Educate & Elevate campaign.
Once the press release is ready, distribute it to your local media contacts, post it on your website, and use your social media channels to announce your participation in the campaign using #educate&elevate with a link to the press release.
Register: Using Data for Building a Business Case of Support for Adult Education 

Don't forget to register for the upcoming webinar during our 2017 COABE Virtual Conference on 10/25/17 to learn effective strategies for using data to build  a business case of support for adult education. Data experts will help you identify the most effective data points to tell our adult education story with examples and tools to help you tailor your efforts at the state and local level.  
Register at this link to participate in our upcoming virtual conference, and be sure to participate in the 10/25/17 webinar scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EDT.
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