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You want to support the referendum effort to repeal the co-ed bathroom law.  You agree that this new law is an invasion of privacy and will compromise safety for children in our public schools.  You will sign a petition that you download from www.privacyforallstudents.com and you will even make a donation to help cover the costs of putting paid signature gatherers on the street.  But you don't want to grab a clipboard and stand in front of the grocery store asking strangers to sign a petition. You would be embarrassed.


You are not alone.  Many of us stop short of something that will embarrass us even though we support the cause.


But can I point out the obvious?  Your embarrassment is to prevent the embarrassment of our children and grandchildren.  And their embarrassment is (if you don't mind me saying it) a much bigger deal. 


If Privacy For All Students is not successful in gaining almost 505,000 signatures by early November then the co-ed bathroom law will go into effect January 1, 2014. 


From that day forward, students in California public schools will be able to use the bathroom, shower and locker room that aligns with their self-assessed gender identity, as opposed to their biological sex.  The boy at the urinal or the girl in the locker room confronted with a student of the opposite sex will be embarrassed. 


Are you ready to get the clipboard, pens and petitions and make your way to the grocery store, park or in front of a public school?


I hope you are.  And I hope you can get your friends and neighbors to join you.


But just in case I have not persuaded you yet, let me give you another option.  Not everybody is an actor, some of us are meant to be directors.


Could you be the one that arranges a petition gathering drive?  Your church may be collecting lots of signatures every Sunday.  But how many signatures are they collecting on Saturday?  Why not gather a group at the church in the early afternoon , distribute petitions, pens and clipboards and have everybody come back in a few hours for a pizza party?


More of a morning person?  How about a pancake breakfast to strengthen your group prior to a few hours of passing the petition? 


Make it a competition?  All the better.


The bottom line is this:  It will take a lot of work and creativity to get 505,000 valid signatures by early November.  It may even take some of us going outside our comfort zone...being embarrassed.  But this is real.  This is not a proposal or a possibility.  Boys in the girls bathroom is reality in a few months unless we stop it.  Unless YOU stop it.


We need signatures and we need donations.  Can I count on you?

Gina Gleason

Privacy For All Students Referendum Proponent


ps.  Send me a picture of what you are doing to get petition signatures.





Double Your Money!

Privacy For All Students has an opportunity to double your donation.  Right now every dollar donated to PFAS up to $150,000.00 will be doubled by a matching grant.  Donate $20, it becomes $40.  Donate $100 and Privacy For All Students can spend $200.  Investing in the referendum to overturn the co-ed bathroom law is investing in the privacy and safety of our children and grandchildren.  But now that investment will be doubled. 


Instead of exposing our children, let's expose this bad law.



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