Vishnupati is an auspicious window of time to access the powerful energy of Vishnu - the divine archetype of wealth.


Last Vishnupati of 2011!


This opportunity only occurs 4 times each year and is the most auspicious time to deeply connect with the compassion and prosperity of Vishnu. November 17 is the final Vishnupati day of 2011, so take advantage of this time to improve your own finances and share the joy of wealth with others.  


The Siddhas proclaim that a ritual performed on Vishnupati is so powerful that it would take several years of performing Ekadasi (11th Moon) rituals to equal just one Vishnupati ritual.


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Happy Birthday Kala Bhairava! (Nov 18th)



Kala Bhairava is the divine archetype of Time who protects against negative energy. This upcoming 8th Moon is the most auspicious day to invoke the archetype of Time - it is Kala Bhairava's Birthday!


Dr. Pillai describes wasting time as a direct insult on Kala Bhairava. Time is money; therefore, an insult on time is also an insult on money. As we waste time, we continue to live in a state of confusion, procrastination and regret.


Change your Relationship with Time


Kala Bhairava can protect you from negative forces and grant clarity, motivation, and efficiency in your life. You can begin to pursue your dreams and live a vibrant and fulfilling life.


Dr. Pillai says, "changing your time is changing your destiny!"


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An Unprecedented Time in History: Dr. Pillai's 2012 Birthday Trip


Hanuman is the perfect example of transcending human limitations. He was born into the world as a mortal, but through true devotion and grace, he evolved into a divine being with the ability to accomplish the impossible!


Unlock the Key to Human Evolution


You will have the opportunity to visit Hanuman's Rock - a pristine and powerful vortex where Hanuman discovered the key to evolution. Dr. Pillai has chosen this magnificent place to introduce new techniques to master your breathing and awaken your true divinity.


Hanuman will play a pivotal role in the evolution of humanity during the Golden Age so this is an optimal time to access his divine blessings.


According to Dr. Pillai, "Humans can evolve to a level of perfection like Hanuman, who represents omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience."


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Garden of Renewal


Nava Brindavan is a holy place where evolved souls have consciously created sacred tombs. This powerful vortex vibrates with the presence of these great saints and is referred to as the Nine Gardens of Eden. 


The 2012 Birthday trip offers a chance for renewal and life without suffering. You will have a rare opportunity to meditate among these beings and ask for spiritual development and material success.


According to Dr. Pillai, the spiritual energy of this spot has been preserved for millions of years. These divine beings at Nava Brindavan have the ability to assist with human evolution and the creation of life without pain and ignorance. Embrace their blessings in 2012.


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