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College can be stressful. Students can easily get anxious trying to juggle school, work, friends, and family while trying to figure out the rest of their lives. Most bounce back. But frequent, intense, and uncontrollable anxiety that interferes with daily routines may be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

Search ADAA's Find a Therapist online directory (all professional members of ADAA). 
ADAA now offers a listing of all members who provide telemental health. Check back frequently as more members are added daily.  

Free Online Peer-to-Peer Support Group

ADAA's anonymous peer-to-peer online anxiety and depression support group (with close to 3,000 members!)  is a friendly, safe and supportive place for individuals and their families to share information and experiences. As a member you can connect with other people experiencing anxiety and depression and related disorders, contribute to ongoing conversations or start your own conversation with a question or a post about your journey.
We Gon' Be Alright 2017 Stickers
"From presidential campaigns to multiple celebrity deaths, 2016 has been pretty disappointing for people of all different backgrounds. To help encourage people and set a more positive tone for 2017, I designed stickers to remind us that We Gon' Be Alright. Jane Li

Read more about Jane's fundraising campaign.  And check out these articles about Jane's campaign:
Thank you to Jane and her supporters for raising awareness about anxiety and for selecting ADAA as the fundraiser's beneficiary. We are so grateful! 
Just posted. Review of the iCBT app. Interested in learning more about mental health apps? Visit ADAA's app page, s elect an app, read the reviews by ADAA members. These volunteer reviewers are mental health professionals with degrees in psychology, medicine, social work, and counseling; they are not involved in the development or marketing of mobile apps.
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The ADAA Stress Relief Kit 

This fun kit includes a backpack, stress ball, magic cube, lanyard, mood bracelet and other fidget toys.  $15.00 per kit + $4.00 shipping & handling. Learn more and purchase your kit today.  Thank you for supporting ADAA!
This week ADAA staff are joining with more than 1,200 mental health professionals in San Francisco.  The ADAA 2017 Annual Conference brings together clinicians and researchers from across the United States and around the world who want to improve treatments and find cures for anxiety, depression and related disorders. We look forward to sharing their practice and research updates. Learn more about the conference and our ADAA members here.

April 2017

Clearing My Path to a Healthier Life

 "Becoming educated about mental illness taught me about my life and living better." Michael E. Reagan, Jr.
I wish my breakthrough moment wasn't when I thought "I'd pay good money if I could feel better." I am cheap, so the path became clearer once cost was no longer a concern. After I decided to get help for my depression, one challenge was telling a receptionist why I wanted therapy. I had never told anyone I felt depressed. I hated having to leave work early for counseling sessions and how some questions about feelings left me reaching for the tissue box.  But what kept me returning to therapy was my sense of relief when I climbed the stairs to the office.

Each month ADAA will feature a thank you note, or a personal story of triumph. We invite you to share your own story with us or share how ADAA has helped you or a loved one.
March Webinars

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Tinnitus
Dr. Bruce Hubbard provides resources for tinnitus distress which affects about 16 million people in the United States. Tinnitus, commonly known as "ringing in the ears", is an auditory condition that in one out of three cases triggers a persistent emotional reaction, highly related to anxiety, depression and insomnia, that ranges in severity from mild to disabling. Watch the webinar.

Part 2 - Problems with Sleep - Treatment Approaches for Kids and Teens 
In this additional webinar, Dr. Joseph Brand provides common sleep problems experienced by kids and teens. He covers insomnia, separation anxiety, circadian rhythm problems, and other issues.  Watch the webinar
You can now watch and share the most recent webinars on ADAA's YouTube channel.

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Facing Panic: 
Self-Help for People With Panic Attacks 

Triumph Over Shyness: 
Conquering S ocial Anxiety Disorder  
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