Embracing Joy

YPL Newsletter - Gemini Edition 
             Contrary to popular opinion, Creation is not intended to be about suffering. Creation is about joy.  And, your life, being a part of creation, is, therefore, supposed to be about joy.


The confusion about this fact stems from several factors, the first being evolution, or, if that word frightens you, let's call it "the-coming-to-be."


            As our planet develops and as we humans acquire knowledge and understanding of this world, our lack of intelligence and/or mistakes, can lead to physical and/or emotional discomfort or what we refer to as "suffering." 


            The fact we have free will, also, allows for self-perpetuating ignorance or selfishness and these, too, can lead to suffering...our own and that of others.  Unfortunately, we humans are noted for indulging in selfishness, being impatient with overcoming ignorance or even wallowing in it.  Therefore, we suffer.


            However, if we were to realize we are all intended to be co-creators of this plane of existence and we each have a destiny for which we have incarnated to pursue, then we could begin to release ourselves from suffering.


            In the Celtic tradition, your fate is the gift of your life.  Every painful event, from the loss of a limb, onset of a disease, breakup of a relationship or effects of a natural disaster to the pleasurable events of winning of a race, finding a mate or getting well are all to be faced with the question, "How is this a gift for me?"


            That question has the effect of putting one in the moment.  The "what was supposed to be or happen today or tomorrow" is no longer a factor.  The "now" is all that counts; the question is all that counts.  And, in determining the answer to that question, the understanding of "what is my destiny?" evolves.


So, if you are suffering, there's a good possibility you're either not following your destiny, haven't been given the proper training on how to do so or you are involved in conflict with someone who's not following his or her destiny and are being pushed off your proper path due to this relationship. 


Embracing your destiny, i.e., "following your bliss," will create your joy.  If your life is not producing the thrill you've had when achieving or witnessing a victory, then you know you're on the wrong path. 


When you find yourself saying, "Yes," to what is presented to you, you will realize you are moving in the right direction...the direction of joy...and will develop the courage to go along with it no matter how difficult it might seem to be.  Trust your instincts and, by believing in yourself, magic will happen!


Brian Porzak

22 Grove Street, Suite 5E

New York, New York 10014





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