Embracing The Light
YPL Posting - Gemini Issue  

"What does it mean to be a Lightworker?" is a question that often comes up.


Quite simply, it means being actively engaged in spreading positive energy to others and one's environment.  This is usually done in conjunction with fulfilling what I call one's "contract" with Creator.


It, also, implies the important recognition that bringing in light means overcoming or even conquering darkness.  That is a significant aspect of being a Lightworker for there are many who seem to shun the local much less world news and are blissfully unaware some humans are actively engaged in spreading negative energy to others and their environment, or what is commonly termed "spreading evil." 


Also, as I pointed out last year in my posting on Angels, there are Dark Entities who do not wish to share Creation and, therefore, do not want this dimension to endure.  So, just as White Angels occasionally incarnate to help humanity, these Dark Entities, also, incarnate to hinder and/or destroy our evolution.


Interestingly, there was a much-unheralded, but, I thought, wonderful film released earlier this year entitled Winter's Tale (reviewed in my film blog), in which Russell Crowe played a demon, who was in charge of evil in Manhattan.  I found that remarkable because I had previously discovered that, in actuality, there are 3 White Angels who watch over portions of Manhattan and 3 Dark Entities who do so, as well. 


This came about a few years ago, when I was contacted by an artist, who was doing a work for exhibition at the Ford Gallery located in the penthouse of a building on the northeast corner of 57th Street and 6th Avenue.  Apparently, a young heiress was killed in that very penthouse during the 1920s and had been haunting it ever since.  The artist wanted me to contact her ghost so she could question her.  Of course, having deceased humans speak through me is not the type of Channeling I do, but I was intrigued and wanted to see if there was any information I could find to help her.  In the process, I was led to the entity, who covers that portion of the City, and our discussion proved very enlightening to both the artist and me.  It seems it's not just the NSA who's watching us!


It's all about balance.  Light versus Darkness. And, the job of Lightworkers is not only to embrace the Light and, at least, maintain that balance, but, hopefully, to expand the Light, as well.  It's we on terra firma who make the difference...along with the help of those entities, who incarnate.  And, believe me, they are....perhaps more than ever!  But, unfortunately, as I've mentioned above, Dark Entities are coming in, as well.  So, this is a time when Lightworkers are needed more than ever!   


The challenge is in the "how." We are not all fighters and few are equipped to take on Dark Entities, anyway.  What's more, true victory will not be achieved until all the elements of darkness are brought to the Light. Fat chance, you might think. However, it's not an impossible task, for many of the entities once known as "devils" have already turned to the Light and are, currently, helping humankind. 


The key, whether you be muscleman or waif, is good example.  Living your light and honoring your life contract is an inspiration to others and shows even those entities, who do not wish to share, that this dimension is worthy and in line with the Plan of Creation. 


Bottom line, good example will be your finest legacy.


If you need some help in this regard, I'm here for you.



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