December 2012

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Average diesel price up 5.8 cents to $4.034

Diesel's latest trip below $4 a gallon nationwide lasted just two weeks as the national average retail diesel price rose by 5.8 cents to $4.034 a gallon during the week ended Nov. 26, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. The latest weekly price is 7 cents above the same week last year.


Complete diesel price information is available on EIA's Website.

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Kristina Pein

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Embracing a Green Supply Chain for Sustainability and Business Advantage


Today, companies and citizens, alike, are not only moving towards sustainable and eco-friendly products and solutions, but also ensuring and insisting for the "greening" of the entire end-to-end manufacturing, production, and logistics processes that are key to creating the end product.


With heightened end-customer awareness and stringent regulatory norms, only organizations with greener supply chain management practices will enjoy a competitive advantage and leverage this momentous shift. Across the industry, there must be a focus on the greening of the supply chain to create "efficiency led value" for customers and all other stakeholders. 

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How to Build a Green Supply Chain
  1. Realize that this will have to be a long-term change and not a passing fad!
  2. Determine how a green supply chain can help improve your bottom line. Going green should not put you in the red. Instead, choices made should impact your business positively if you plan to implement them.
  3. Look at what changes can be made to vehicles for your business if you haul any of your own materials.
  4. Invest in vehicles that offer you good fuel economy as well as reduced emissions.
    Review the current practices of your suppliers. What are they doing to help promote a green supply chain, and are you willing to make the move from them if they do not fulfill your environmental impact expectations?
  5. Take a step and look at what your company is doing. Is it realistic to hold your suppliers to an elevated standard of green efficiency if you, as a company, do not hold yourself to the same standard?

For more information on creating a greener supply chain - click here.

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