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Employee Compensation, FLSA + #LWM2016
October E-Muni
A League Annual Conference attendee did her homework and brought her October magazine with the relevant sections highlighted to Charles's workshop. 
Employee Performance & Compensation
October, the Municipality, pg. 7

Can we effectively link employee performance and pay? That was the question Charles Carlson, Carlson Dettmann Consulting, LLC posed at the beginning of his the Municipality article. As you can see from the photo, his article was of interest and detailed the four fundamental requirements for a performance based system. 

Watch the League's "Local Perspective" with Charles as the guest and learn more as he dives into the topic of Performance Based Compensation. Thanks to FACTv City of Fitchburg for producing this month's show! 

Charles also presented a workshop on Employee Performance at the League's Annual Conference with Human Resources Directors Sandy Behnke, Appleton and Beth Aldana, Wauwatosa detailing how it has worked in their municipalities.  
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Are You Ready?  FLSA Overtime Changes Take Effect December 1, 2016
October, the Municipality, pg 17

We asked Douglas E. Witte, Boardman & Clark LLP to provide additional guidance on the Fair Labor Standards Overtime Changes that take effect December 1. You can read his full article in the Municipality you received in the mail or online.  

Fix the Flawed Overtime Rule (op-ed). The League's Executive Director, Jerry Deschane along with the WMC and the Wis. Counties Association recently published an op ed pushing back on the new rule. Read it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here.  

The Wis. Dept. of Workforce Development also has a fact sheet on their website here.   
Conference Resolutions
October, the Municipality - pg. 14

Five Annual Conference Resolutions helping set the League's Legislative Agenda were approved by the membership at the League's Annual Conference in Stevens Point last week. 
  • No. 2016-1 Muni Infrastructure Repair 
  • No. 2016-2 Railroad Crossing Repairs (slightly amended by the resolutions committee at the conference)
  • No. 2016-3 Close Tax Loopholes Causing More of Property Tax Burden to Shift from Commercial to Residential 
  • No. 2016-4 Addressing the Shortage in Fire & EMS Providers 
  • No. 2016-5 Supporting Adoption of Water Quality Trading Initiatives for the Reduction of Phosphorus from Non-Point Sources 
The League's Lobby Team has almost 400 members. You can be an advocate for your municipality in Madison - our first Lobby Day is Feb. 15 - or you can call, send emails, etc. Get the details and join here: 
Mobile Integrated Health Care? 
October, the Municipality, pg 22 

What is it and why would you want to implement it in your municipality?  Chief Gary Weiss, Germantown Fire Dept. provides seven ways that Mobile Integrated Health Care changes the role that emergency medical services play in community health in his article.  

For additional information, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians provides a good primer on MIH here.  
Hosted by FACTv Fitchburg

"It's a difficult thing to do."  

Charles Carlson provided interesting insights into Performance Based Employee Compensation in the October "the Local Perspective." 

We mentioned it above - thanks to FACTv Fitchburg for hosting the production of this month's "The Local Perspective." You can watch the 1/2 hour show on their YouTube Channel here & possibly on your own Community Media station.     

The League is proud to partner w ith Wisconsin Community Media  (WCA) on this new 1/2 hour public access TV show. 
League meetings are an investment in you and your municipality.  We'll see you for the one-day PFC Workshop on November 4!
Police & Fire Commission Workshop Friday, Nov. 4, Wisconsin Dells

The League's one-day Police and Fire Commission Workshop is Friday, November 4 at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Every attendee receives a copy of the League's Handbook for Police & Fire Commissions as part of their workshop materials.  

See the agenda, get the details and register here.  

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