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June 2017
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Commute STARs traveled over 1,000,000 miles,
and logged over 53,000 alternative 'clean' trips in
2017 Challenge
The 2017 Commuter Challenge posted new records in major categories -- thanks to 1,480 participants who logged their commute trips to, through or from San Mateo County in my.commute.org during the months of April and May.

Through its annual campaign, Commute.org rewarded five grand prize winners and 117 weekly winners. In addition, its Commuter Club has grown to over 9,500 members.

This was the second year that the challenge was conducted on my.commute.org - an online TDM platform. As a result, more and more employers and commuters are utilizing this free tool.  

Commute.org is working to enhance the user experience on its digital platform, also referred to as Support, Track and Reward, or STAR. New features that will be released in the coming year include a mobile app, a more robust ride matching network, and an online commuter rewards program. 

Gas prices have steadily risen in recent months. Are your employees concerned?  Is traffic on the Peninsula affecting your company's ability to attract and retain a competitive workforce? Let's work together to improve the commute experience in San Mateo County. We can fast track your company on to my.commute.org. Email support@commute.org today.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Commute.org Team
Meet Our Grand Prize Winners!
SAM of South San Francisco takes BART to San Francisco - Montgomery station. Weather permitting, and when he is not dropping his children to school, he walks about a mile to the SSF BART station.

On his return trip, he often walks to the Embarcadero BART station -- "where it's easier to find a seat."  

Winning the foldable bike gives Sam another transportation option. "It is a really neat piece of technology!" he described the Tern Link C8 folding bicycle

CYNTHIA commutes from Palo Alto to San Carlos using three transportation modes. She walks to the nearby train station, rides Caltrain to San Carlos, then hops on to the San Carlos Commuter Shuttle. Her stop is steps away from her office on Industrial Road.

Car-free since she moved to the Bay Area 15 years ago, Cindy found an unexpected benefit in taking public transit: "new friendships with fellow commuters!" The annual Commuter Challenge has given her "talking points to inspire others to look at new ways to get to work."

Holding the $300 Tanforan Center gift card, Cindy had not decided which of her friends would join her shopping in San Bruno.

CHRISTINA drives four miles to Jack London Square in Oakland, where she takes the San Francisco Ferry to South San Francisco. She stays fit by walking to her office at Allerton Avenue -- about a mile away.
(Photos from top left - clockwise) Grand Prize Winners Sam, Cynthia, Christina, Mary and Tai's gift card
Her three-hour daily commute is manageable, she said, but Christina would like more trips added to the SSF Ferry schedule for greater flexibility.

Christina looks forward to using her $300 Clipper card this summer.

MARY  travels from San Jose to her workplace in Foster City, but rarely does she do it alone. Instead, she vanpools -- through a program partially subsidized by her employer, or on occasion, she also carpools.

Ridesharing suits her well because she can rest (or even sleep) during the trip, and the carpool lane shortens the commute. She also likes saving money on gas and car maintenance.

With a $300 Rickshaw Bagworks credit, Mary will soon be shopping online for a customized bag. 

TAI lives in San Francisco. His typical morning starts with a bikepool to daycare with his daughter. "She loves the bike ride, so that is always a great part of my day," he shared. 

He takes Caltrain from the 4th Street station, where he also stores his bike. His Palo Alto office is a brief three-block walk from the train station. 

"I like getting some exercise. I love to spend time on a bike and out of cars, and I find the Caltrain ride totally pleasant," Tai wrote.

The $400 REI gift card he won will be delivered to Tai when he returns from vacation.
CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Commuter Challenge winners, 
and a special THANK YOU to all who participated!
Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute