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August, 2016      
Employers Can Now Better
Prevent Stalking in the Workplace


On July 30, 2016 Law No. 284 of August 21, 1999, commonly known as "Anti-stalking Law", was amended to allow employers to file for court orders to protect employees who have been victims of stalking in the workplace.

Employers were previously only authorized to apply for protection orders for employees who were victims of domestic violence. The amendment to Law No. 284 now covers employees who are being or have been victims of any type of stalking in the workplace. Employers must notify its intention to request a protective order to the employee who is or has been a victim of stalking before filing a petition for protective order.

Work areas, especially those where the public is served, are not exempt from stalking. Employers are compelled to take measures to safeguard the physical integrity of its employees, as required by applicable labor laws in Puerto Rico, such as the duty to maintain a healthy work environment. Breaching this obligation may constitute a violation of the civil rights protected by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

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