It seems there is a quickening upon us all at this time in history. As our days seem to fill faster and faster with organizing nonviolent direct actions, participating in nonviolent marches, and engaging meaningful dialogue to dismantle the systems that no longer serve Universal Human Needs, we are being called to bring forward our unique gifts to our families, communities, and the world.

Have you found yourself wanting to…
  • Serve your community with a greater level of empathy, honesty, and spiritual connection
  • Be part of Nonviolent Direct Actions in the world while staying connected to your core values  
  • Deepen your personal commitment to Being Nonviolence
  • Bring more sustainability to your own activism
To support all of you who are feeling called to Direct Action in L.O.V.E., we are honored and excited to bring forward a new 9 week online program starting April 10th : Empowering the Heart Activist Online Quest. No matter where we live in the world today, we are experiencing great transition with an actuality of rising up and engaging nonviolence.

This Online Quest will cover the following topics (and will not be limited to):
  • Developing Empathy First Responder Skills
  • Creating the quality of connection that builds long-lasting alliances in every aspect of our lives
  • Opening a gateway to collaborative solutions that meet the needs of all concerned
  • Understanding and Assessing strategic Nonviolent Actions
    We invite you to read what Empowering the Heart Activist Online Quest offers and consider one of the 3 levels of Journey that we propose and that matches your needs in your call to action.  If you feel the call to action, this Online Quest may be for you !
    Sign up here to join us for a Free Question & Answer Call, March 29th at 2 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (USA), to ask your questions concerning this program.
    It is an honor to walk the path of peace with you,

    Catherine and Colin,
    Quest Leaders
    and the Play in the Wild! Team
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